Reupholstering a Chair

If the chairs in your dining room have seen better days and are worn, you might be thinking about replacing them. If it’s in your budget and you’re able to locate chairs in a style that fits your décor, and you like, that’s great.

An option that gets overlooked includes reupholstering the chairs you presently own. It’s a project you’re able to do yourself, is affordable, and may completely alter the appearance of a dining room.


As you determine to replace the upholstery on the chairs the initial thing you’ll want to do is locate a new upholstery fabric to utilize. Besides the fabric, you’ll need a screwdriver, pencil, scissors, fabric measuring tape, staples, and a staple gun.

To start the DIY upholstery project, begin by removing the seat from your chair. Most chairs use screws to hold their seat in place. Take out these screws and place them somewhere close in order for you to reattach the seat as you’re finished.

Then, take the fabric and lay it face down upon the working surface. Take the seat and put it upside down upon the fabric.

You ought to be looking at the seat’s bottom. Now you may utilize the fabric measuring tape in order to measure the seat’s size. Occasionally you may just make an estimation of the size needed by folding your fabric over the seat’s edges. Take the pencil and make a few marks where you’ll cut your fabric.

Be certain you have an adequate amount of fabric to fold over the seat’s sides and around to its bottom.


You need your fabric to reach the bottom because after cutting it, you’ll stretch it and staple the fabric to the chair’s bottom.

Use the old fabric as your guide to know where you should staple. While stapling around the seat’s perimeter, be certain to stretch your fabric over the edge in order for you not to be left with lots of loose material on the sitting surface as you’re finished.

The corners are going to be the most important and most challenging to make a high 4-quality seat cover. Take the time to staple smaller sections one at a time, and everything is going to turn out fine.

As you get your fabric all stapled down, reattach the chair’s seat with the screws you took out as you started.

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