Create a Festive Feel by Adding Holiday Decorations to Furniture

It’s time to throw decorations all over the house this holiday season. But don’t forget your furniture. We talked about adding classic fabric-based festive cheer to furniture, but you can even add additional festive cheer by decorating your furniture with uncommon items.

Decorate the Ottoman

A sturdy ottoman is like having a coffee table space without the bulk of an actual coffee table. That means it’s the perfect place for holiday props like faux presents, a pine centerpiece, or holiday faux flame candles. You might even consider a tray setup, like in the photo above from Home by Heidi. It’ll create a focal point in the room in a unique way.

Add Toys

There are plenty of playful additions to a chair or sofa around the holiday season. A fun Santa elf doll may look cute on a corner chair, or a stuffed snowman could add charm to the edge of a sofa.

Drape Stockings

A unique decorating touch would be to drape oversized hearth stockings over different pieces of furniture. Or hang some stockings from the edge of certain chairs. That will get your furniture in on the fun and give your home an uncommon look.

Use Festive Upholstery This Holiday Season

From playful Christmas toys to the ottoman, there are many ways to revamp your traditional decor this holiday season. Something else you can do is add fabric to your space, using the holidays as an excuse to start that upholstery project you’ve been procrastinating on.

Start by getting holiday-themed fabric! Kovi Fabrics has a whole collection of patterned and themed fabrics. If you can’t find the upholstery you’re looking for, we can create custom fabric for you. Click here to learn more about our services.

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