A Bright, Beachy Living Room

Like a nice beachy living room, whether you are by a body of water or not? The photo above is from jennasuedesign.com and showcases a Florida home. This designer reflected on the home right after moving out of it, showcasing some of her favorite areas and challenges while designing.

For the photo of the beachy living room above, the designer ranked the vintage trunk as one of the biggest bangs for the buck. It doubles as a coffee table and storage bin.

If you’d like to try a similar look, this space’s key feature is the light contrast to the space.

To get a similar look, you’ll want to aim for relaxing teal and aqua fabrics, possibly with a nautical pattern. The stripe pattern on the sofa adds some classy geometry to the space. Also, consider adding a piece in dark gray to add visual interest. You can see some fabrics that fit this style below.

Blue and White Small Stripe Denim Upholstery

Blue and Teal Linen Upholstery

Swift Teal and Blue Cotton Upholstery

Mediterranean Blue and Teal Solid

Cement Gray Solid Woven Upholstery

Get a Beachy Living Room With the Right Fabric

Are you looking for nautical-themed fabric at an affordable price? Kovi Fabrics offers different beach fabric patterns in different shades of blue, teal, and aqua. Take a look at our beach and nautical fabric.

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