What Color Fabric To Reupholster Your Sofa Based On Your Zodiac Sign

While connecting your zodiac sign to a textile might seem silly, there’s something fun about bringing these two interests together. If you’ve been looking for some fresh ideas on what to reupholster your sofa, look no further than your sun sign below!


If you’re an Aries, you’re proud to be the first in the zodiac calendar. Of course, you’re a fire sign as well, making you a lover of eye-catching material and designs. 

An Aries isn’t afraid to stand out but not too far out! This makes T4525 Red the perfect patterned fabric to describe your personality! No matter what life throws your way, you’re always the most loyal friend in the group.

Aries are natural-born winners and love getting that gold medal at the end of the day. The K5347 Gold material would make an excellent choice for your next DIY, its lush texture will leave you feeling pampered. 


Our Taurus family members are the ones who need to retreat to their room at the end of a long day. We love how they make a nest out of any environment they find themselves in!

Creating a calm and cozy space will ensure that a Taurus feels safe and cared for. Our E4892 Lagoon textile would work well on your upholstered sofa or decorative pillows! This earth-toned material makes us think of where the forest meets the water; paradise. 

In contrast to being hard-headed, you have the biggest heart. If a Taurus finds themselves looking to share the love, nothing can stand in their way. The K2112 Merlot is the perfect deep red to represent all the love a Taurus has to give.  


Those that fall under the Gemini sun sign are best known for their multi-dimensional nature. Geminis are often referred to as personality twins, and as pattern lovers ourselves, this makes us think of mirrored images within a textile. 

With Gemini being an air sign, we couldn’t help but think of our F3841 Aqua textile. The color of this material, combined with the reflected pattern, makes for the perfect Gemini material.

Being the last sun sign of Spring, we couldn’t help but show off some of our favorite florals. We have K3752 Linen/Trellis for the traditional Gemini, which is a consistent diamond pattern. 

The Geminis that appreciate a little inconsistency will enjoy the unique detail of the M9644 Hydrangea textile. Whether you’re a fan of repetition or going with the flow, there are great options for every Gemini out there!


It’s no secret that Cancers are some of the most empathic individuals in the zodiac. Their sensitivity is their strength, and we really couldn’t get by without them!

Any Cancer would appreciate soft and luxurious upholstery such as F6681 Sesame or KV273 Snow. 

Cancers appreciate the finer things in life and won’t hesitate to invest in anything that elevates their daily life. The go-to materials for a Cancer would include velvet, satin, and soft linens. 


Leos are notorious for being the lion and leader of the pack. While their big ego and stubbornness can get them into trouble, they’re never short on charm.

Of course, we had to throw in our lion-patterned fabric M7435 Leaf because who else would rock this besides a Leo?

For the more subtle king or queen of the jungle, we have the M9338 Everglade, which features the greenery of our previous leaf pattern without the lions. 

Are you a Leo that just wants everyone to know you’re royalty? Go for the gold with D4297 Honey.


It’s no secret that many designers fall under the Virgo sun sign. This is because Virgos have a way with visuals. They believe everything has a place and enjoy bringing details to life.

F4720 White and Bright is the ideal Virgo textile because of its balance of color and evenly spaced details. 

If you’re a Virgo that enjoys plush textiles, look no further than the vertical striped E2820 Olive. This material would make any DIY look like a home run! 


The Libras of the world keep us balanced with their devil’s advocate point-of-view. Every Libra needs a good amount of social and alone time to maintain their mindset. 

Creating the perfect at-home oasis begins with selecting the ideal textiles. K4617 Onyx Checkerboard provides both the consistency of a pattern with the contrast of light and dark. This material would be perfect for Libra’s at-home library.

If a Libra were looking to brighten up an office or home gym, we’d recommend E8175 Lemon Yellow. The pop of color will reinvigorate anyone looking to recharge.  


Scorpio’s sun sign is symbolized by a scorpion, making them unafraid of a challenge. These brave individuals will confidently go into the darkness, making them the perfect match for deep-toned materials. 

Nothing says moody quite like opaque velvet. For those that prefer a bit of color, we love our E4633 Emerald textile. It’s rich in color and straightforward in aesthetic, just like a Scorpio’s personality.

Let’s not forget our classic black and bestseller, K1864 Black. Any Scorpio will confidently choose a darker material to make their home a cozy retreat. 


Sagittarians are malleable individuals that can easily fit into different groups of people and flow naturally through life’s ups and downs. When it comes to home decor, Sagittarians enjoy variety and visual interest. 

The play and pattern of K9053 are the perfect fit for a Saggitarius because they can get bored very easily. Mixing styles and creating a design blueprint all their own is preferred.

While it might not be their first choice, a Saggitarius wouldn’t shy away from a bit of animal print. K1193 Taupe makes for an interesting pattern in a neutral color.


Capricorns have a surprising amount of genius. These steady individuals are modest in their abilities and work hard to bring their visions to life.

Our E1704 Purple is equal parts consistent and playful. Any Capricon appreciates a plan and adds structure to their lives whenever possible. 

This doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a bit of whimsy! They have an appreciation for nature and all of its magic. KV207 Monterey features the more colorful and wild side of nature we often forget. 


Aquarians, bring a storm of energy wherever they go. They might not be the loudest in the room, but you can’t help but feel their presence.

Bright but not demanding of your attention is our E5212 Deep Pink textile. The color makes a statement while the texture tones it down and creates an interesting material to look at.

Aquarians enjoy being the perfect balance between two opposing ideas. Our Aquarian friends can be direct, but they have good intentions. E7594 Charcoal is upfront in design but approachable in its deep tone. 


Rounding out the zodiac sun signs is the water sign, Pisces. This sign is symbolized by two fish swimming together. We couldn’t help ourselves and had to show off our K1021 fabric featuring a school of fish. 

Pisces are known for their creativity and psychic abilities. Something about the color purple adds a little magic to your typical watercolors. The ocean exhibits a variety of colors, and we thought E8924 Plum would be a bubbly example.

It is said that in connection to their metaphysical gifts, Pisces make incredible healers. Our E2214 Deep Teal textile mimics the ripple effect of water, making it the perfect Pisces material. Nothing heals quite like natural elements, thus bringing us back to the water.

Sun Sign Specification

Whether you find yourself specifying a textile for yourself or someone else, it’s fun to play with each zodiac sign’s tendencies. There’s so much variety when it comes to textiles, so if you’re looking for more than your standard sun sign recommendations, you can always apply your moon sign, rising sign, and so on!

There are a million ways to go about specifying your next sofa textile. We enjoyed putting together this guide for those that look to the stars for their answers.

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