How to Use Blue Upholstery Fabric

One of the greatest unifiers in the world of design is blue upholstery fabric. This particular color transcends style, geography and is well-loved by design enthusiasts.

When we think of the color blue, we imagine soft waves landing on the beach, the tops of buildings along the coast of Greece, and the brightest sky on a sunny day. 

It’s safe to say the color blue connects us to the image of a relaxing beach vacation, but the color itself doesn’t have to be beachy, does it?

As for using blue upholstery fabric, we know how this color can be both modern and traditional, sophisticated and playful. There are infinite ways to incorporate blue upholstery fabric into your home!

Interior Designers Love Blue 

If you’re looking for confirmation that blue is an excellent choice for your next upholstery project, take it from us, interior designers love blue!

Creating spaces that make people feel happy and relaxed requires some serious scheming when it comes to color. While there are some individuals who love bright and vibrant colors and patterns, most of us fall in the middle. We appreciate its beauty but can’t envision how it would work for us, enter the color blue. 

As we said, blue upholstery fabric can be incredibly universal! Check out the textile E4042 Shadow, for example. This particular shade of blue is rich in color and can blend easily into both traditional and modern interior design styles. 

Specifying Blue Upholstery 

Bringing color into any area of the home can be intimidating, but you’re blue-lovers like us, so this will be easy! We’re breaking down different interior design styles and the blue upholstery we’d recommend for each. 

Whether you’re into a more preppy interior or like things slick and modern, we encourage you to check out all of the options below. You never know what might inspire you!


If you find that you’re more in the middle when it comes to design styles, might we recommend M3769 Azure? This pattern is equal parts subtle and interesting, making it the perfect addition to any home!

Our favorite thing about transitional textiles is how playful and fun they can add to our spaces. Whether it’s a fun color combination or uniquely shaped objects, we enjoy the fun in transitional interiors. If we had to choose one transitional blue upholstery fabric, we would pick M9735 Oasis


The term “traditional interior design” can be interpreted in many different ways. For us, it’s all about details and pattern!

Traditional interiors are back in style, and we couldn’t be more excited! While some may see florals as old-fashioned, we see the thoughtful design. M3407 Indigo would make the perfect textile for a window seat cushion or decorative pillow. 

Our favorite thing about traditional design enthusiasts is that they are not afraid to mix and match materials. The small-scale print of K6964 Laguna Houndstooth would pair well with M3407 Indigo while also holding its own as a chair upholstery. 

Mixing and matching is easy and welcome in the traditional interior design space! Always remember to create variety in the size of patterns you use within your design project. 


Nothing says preppy quite like a blue and white stripe. We see this style replicated in fashion and interior design over and over because it is such a classic! 

We have a few options in this category, but our favorite has to be KV237 Lake. The mirrored smaller lines within the larger print add a special detail to the original style without taking away from its intent; preppy stripes. 

If you’re more of a purist and prefer to stick to the classic stripe, we always have the E7050 Indigo Stripe. This textile is the perfect choice for any preppy design lover!


The word modern can be interpreted in many different ways so we thought it would be fun to include a few options. As for our mid-century modern lovers, we recommend 42280 Pearl.  

Interiors are ready to make a statement in 2022! Bright solid colors speak volumes for our modern design lovers. If you’re on the market for a refresh, look no further than E0580 Royal. 


Who are we to turn down your love of a coastal-inspired textile? This M4254 Marina material is on-the-nose with its blue and white pattern that could pass as netting or rope. Either way, we know this textile will make an excellent choice for your next coastal upholstery project. 

Are you looking for a more literal interpretation of coastal interior style? Check out our KV693 Halifax pattern! Our DIY clients love a theme and appreciate this textile’s fun interpretation. 

Our Current Favorite Blue Upholstery Fabric Options 

We don’t usually play favorites, but we just couldn’t help ourselves! Style preferences aside, we think these blue upholstery fabric options will have you dreaming up your next interior design project.

Faux Leather

Looking to elevate the look of your home with faux leather? Look no further than E7341 Poseidon. This material looks like the real thing with a twist! Reupholster your ottoman or bar stools with and beautiful and easy to clean textile.


As design lovers, we understand the importance of durable materials. Having easy-to-clean textiles doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Want high-end for your high-traffic areas? Check out our super soft M4767 Blue textile. 


We had to highlight one of our more unique textiles, F5880 Navy. This 100% cotton fabric is simple in its material. The star pattern on this textile adds an extraordinary detail in a world where we see identical prints and trends cycle in and out.

Question & Answer

Question: How can I search through various blue textiles to find what’s right for me?

Answer: You can check out all of Kovi’s blue textiles here!

Question: What shade of blue upholstery fabric should I use?

Answer: We recommend choosing a color based on personal preferences such as cool or warm tones, interior style, etc. If you feel drawn to a specific material but aren’t sure if it will work, go ahead and order a sample!

Question: Is blue a trendy color for 2022?

Answer: We believe that blue is one of those colors that never really goes out of style! That being said, we have seen a lot of interest in purples, blues, and greens going into 2022.

Question: I want to upholster something in my home with a blue fabric. What should I reupholster? 

Answer: If you’re looking to make a big statement, go all-out and upholster your sofa! More minor updates like pillows and curtains can also be impactful when updating your space.

Question: What color pairs best with blue upholstery?

Answer: While yellow is the opposite on the color wheel from blue, we’re always going to love a blue and white combo!

Going Blue in 2022

Starting the new year with design projects in mind, we cannot wait to see how you incorporate blue upholstery fabric into your homes! We hope you feel confident in narrowing the selection for your next project with our design ideas. 

We’re always impressed with our DIY community and their creativity in the textile world. Blue is the perfect calming color to use in your next upholstery endeavor. 

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