Bright Green in a Cottage-Style Tiny Home

The tiny home with green fabric you see above is a feature from Tiny House Blog. It was built by a couple after they got the idea from a lady they met at the Apple Store. The blogger really likes that she can own a home she can completely customize. Since she spent 10 years living in an apartment.

This stunning space makes great use of the cabin aesthetic, thanks to their choice of natural-textured wood as the base of the design. Yet touches like photography on the walls and the sleek Apple TV give the space a modern feel.

What’s great is their choice of fabric. The green fabric you see is more of a cushion, but it would work great as upholstery fabric, as well. The bright, earthy green shade just fits with the naturalistic look of the home.

If you’d like to try something like this, below are some of our fabrics with a similar bright, natural green shade. You can also see our green solid fabrics here.

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Olive Green Outdoor Upholstery

Kiwi Linnen Green Solid Print Upholstery

Are You Looking for Green Fabric?

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