Celebrate Your Interests with Novelty Fabrics

The chairs above, featured on our Facebook page, prove that you don’t need to limit your interests to their own spheres. Turns out, they even make great furniture, as the comic book-themed chairs above show. When it comes to what you love, there are tons of ways to show it through our novelty fabrics. These novelty themes work great in artistic, eclectic or retro homes.

Once you’ve selected your novelty pattern, you have several options. You can use the novelty fabric on part of a piece of furniture with a matching pattern, like the chairs above. Matching stripe patterns work, or a complementary solid color would go well with a novelty pattern. You could also use the novelty fabric on the whole piece of furniture.

Novelty fabrics embrace everything from a love of reading to cars. Below are several of our fabric selections that are similar in nature to the comic book lover’s chairs above. These feature literary themes, colorful text prints and classic Americana like cowboys and cars. You can also view more novelty fabric selections here.

Contemporary Paper Clipping Pattern


Cowboy Tapestry Upholstery


Writing Damask Upholstery


Old Books Tapestry Upholstery


Classic Automobile Damask Upholstery



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