Church Pew Upholstery Fabric

Churches are places where a lot of people come and go. I consider it a high-traffic area where upholstery should be of a major concern, since a lot of people visit churches on a daily basis. The seats, while usually made of varnished wood, are accompanied by cushioned pews when people need to kneel. These pews are in need of upholstery fabric which can provide enough support for people and should remain in good shape for a long time.

Qualities of Church Pew Upholstery Fabric

upholstery fabric

Church pew upholstery fabric differs from one church to another, but here are the things they have in common:

  • They cover foam which is what would make the pew comfortable to kneel on.
  • Should be resistant to wear. Durability is one of the main concerns when picking an upholstery fabric for church pews.
  • Fabrics used for church pew purposes are usually thick and hardy.
  • As much as possible, the kind of fabric used should also be easy to clean.

The pews are made with the upholstery fabric permanently installed onto them, which is why having knowledge about fabric for church pews prior to having the pews made is a must when churches have renovation projects and the like.

Fabric for Church Pews

For those who are interested in renovating their community church pews or those who would like to donate pews, here are some options you can look into for the pew’s upholstery:

  • Leather – You can look into getting genuine leather or faux leather. Leather is durable and looks great against wood. It also comes in a variety of colors which gives you more options if you would like it to match with the overall color scheme of the church. Since it has a smooth and almost waterproof surface, it is resistant to dirt and is easy to clean.upholstery fabric
  • Tweed – Tweed is a kind of unfinished wool fabric which gives texture to different surfaces. This is harder to maintain compared to leather since it isn’t waterproof, and has visible fibers where dirt and dust can stick. However, it comes in more mellow colors compared to the vibrant shades that leather has. It may also come in different patterns, which is great if you would like to have a bit of detail onto your church pews. Choosing one which has a thick thread count would make it a much sturdier surface to kneel on and can give more support for the foam as well.
  • Velvet – For a more luxurious feel with a nice texture to match, velvet is durable and thick enough to function as a good church pew material. Cleaning it is a bit easier compared to tweed because it has that tendency to repel droplets of water. It can be easily brushed to have it cleaned, and the rich dark colors that velvet has will work great with varnished wood surfaces.

Have some color ideas in mind before heading to the fabric supply store, and if you can, have some swatches to match the texture you prefer for your church pews.

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