Colorful Designs with Watercolor Fabric

Watercolor painting is usually associated with a kid’s craft project. Yet there’s still a timelessness to these designs. Maybe the eternal sense of whimsy comes from the fact that it’s typically a childhood art project. Or the bold yet muted use of a watered-down pigment.

Either way, watercolor art is captivating. So naturally it makes a great fabric pattern. The chair above shows how well it works in upholstery. The colorful pattern is even more stark against the black frame of the chair.

Below are several of our selections that have the same bright, abstract art. These patterns are on the list for their similar brushstroke look. You can also view watercolor patterns here.  Or take a look at some colorful contemporary patterns here. Also, feel free to browse the juvenile section here for some colorful options.

Brush Stroke Flower Pattern


Stripe Print Pattern


Pink Watercolor Flower Pattern


Multicolored Flower Pattern


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