Combining Black/White Patterns and Brights

It’s easy to look at a busy pattern and assume it should go alone. The chair above proves otherwise. It is just a car seat. But it shows how well a bold black and white pattern goes with a bright neon shade. The elegance of the black and white pattern is juxtaposed against the loud, bright fabric.

Matching this style in an accent chair or a main chair in an artsy home is easy. It’s a simple matter of searching by both black and white colors. Then you could choose a bold, bright solid shade. The chair above has a faux fur bright shade. But microfiber might create a more grownup look. The cushion could then be the bright shade, while the rest of the chair is the black and white pattern. Or vise versa. Feel free to get creative.

Below are some fabrics that match this style. You can also search black and white fabrics here. And you can look at all microfiber patterns here.

Black and White Stripe


Pink Microfiber



Black and White Foliage


Orange Microfiber



Houndstooth Black and White


Purple Microfiber


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