Get a Seasonal Boost with Orange Fabrics

Is fall one of your favorite times of the year? Love to decorate for it the way other people love to decorate for Christmas or birthday parties? Then you might want to consider orange fabrics. The photo above shows how well an orange chair works into easy fall décor. Orange decor complements the garland of white pumpkins behind it.

The beauty of an orange chair is that the rest of the year, it’s just…a chair. Orange fits especially well as an accent color against neutral shades, too. The photo above shows how stunning it looks in front of the black and white mantel. But in fall, it looks like it belongs in the fall décor as you placed it there as you would a large pumpkin.

Thinking that the orange chair above could have the fabric color for you? It’s a beautiful, bright color, but is also a light orange that’s more of a peach shade. So it isn’t too overbearing. You could also go for a darker coral tone that has a similar muted feel.

Below are some orange fabrics that are comparable to the chair above. You can also browse all orange selections here.

Orange Woven Fabric


Tangerine Orange Fabric


Orange Coral Fabric


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