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Orange Upholstery Fabric

If you are looking to add orange to your upholstery or home decor project, Kovi Fabrics offers a variety of orange upholstery fabric and orange drapery fabric options for sale. Choose between several popular combinations of orange, such as burnt orange, teal and orange, pink and orange, blue and orange and much more. Our fabrics are available in both solid colors and many exciting patterns. You will find you can never bore with orange upholstery fabric in fun designs such as checkered, stripes, and floral just to name a few.

When to use orange upholstery fabric?

Orange fabric can be a versatile choice for furniture and can add warmth, energy, and vibrancy to a space. One way to use orange upholstery fabric is to add a pop of color to a neutral color scheme in a room. By using orange on a standout piece of furniture such as an armchair or sofa, you can create visual interest and a focal point in the space. Additionally, orange can be used as an accent color to complement other colors in the room. Pairing orange upholstery fabric with shades of blue, green, or gray can create a visually appealing complementary color scheme. Orange can also create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making it a good choice for living rooms and bedrooms. If you're looking to create a retro or vintage vibe, orange is a color often associated with these styles. Using orange upholstery fabric on furniture pieces can create a fun and playful atmosphere. Finally, orange can add a bold and modern edge to a space, making it a good choice for those looking to create a contemporary feel. Overall, orange upholstery fabric can be a versatile and dynamic choice for furniture and pillows depending on the style and mood you want to create in your space.

What does orange fabric by the yard pair with?

Orange fabric can be paired with a range of colors to create different moods and styles in a space. Pairing orange fabric with neutral colors such as white, black, gray, or beige can create a clean and modern look that works well in a minimalist or contemporary setting. If you want a bold and striking combination, pairing orange with complementary colors like blue, teal, or turquoise can be effective. Alternatively, creating an analogous color scheme with colors adjacent to orange on the color wheel, such as red and yellow, can create a warm and harmonious look that works well in a cozy and inviting setting. Pairing orange with contrasting colors like green or purple can create a vibrant and energetic look that works well in a playful setting. Finally, pairing orange with earthy colors like brown, rust, and olive can create a warm and organic feel that works well in a rustic or natural setting. Overall, the color combination that you choose to pair with orange fabric will depend on the mood and style you want to achieve, and there are many options available to suit a range of preferences.

Feel the difference by ordering fabric memo samples today! All sample costs will be credited towards your fabric purchase making them free samples. Start by browsing our sampling of orange upholstery fabric below or view our entire fabric collection for easy filtering and navigation.

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