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Yellow Upholstery Fabric

Kovi Fabrics offers a variety of yellow upholstery fabric and yellow drapery fabric options for your next home decor project. We have so many combinations of yellow for sale in our shop, such as mustard yellow, yellow and grey, white and yellow, blue and yellow, and much more.

Our fabrics are available in both solid colors and many exciting patterns. Choose yellow upholstery fabric in fun designs and styles such as checkered, striped, and floral, just to name a few.

Tips for Using Yellow Fabric in the Home

Don't be afraid to incorporate yellow in your decor, it can elevate a space and pop against the correct elements.

1. Make a Statement

Whether it's a work of art or a piece of furniture, using yellow fabric as the focal point of a room will make a statement.

2. Consider the Other Yellow

If you're not looking to drastically change your home's decor, try incorporating yellow fabric into your existing color scheme. For example, if your walls are painted green, add some yellow accents like pillows, throws, or even curtains.

3. Don't Overuse It

If your home is primarily neutral in style, you can use yellow fabric to add a pop of color. This is a great way to experiment with color without going too overboard.

4. Make the Space Welcoming

Yellow is known for being a warm and inviting color, so using it in your home will help create a welcoming space. Whether it's in the form of an accent wall or some throw pillows, adding yellow to your home will help make it feel more inviting.

5. Brighten Up the Room

If you want to create a happy and cheerful space in your home, then using yellow fabric is a great way to do it. Yellow is known for being a very positive color, so incorporating it into your home decor will help spread that positive energy around.

6. Add Visual Interest

Because yellow is such a vibrant color, it can help add visual interest to a room. If you have neutral-colored walls and furniture, adding some yellow accents can help liven up the space and make it more interesting.

7. Make the Space Larger

If you have a small space in your home that you're trying to make look bigger, then using yellow fabric can help. The light and airy nature of the color will help create the illusion of more space.

How Much Fabric Do You Need?

Offering a quick formula for how much fabric you need for upholstery is difficult because not all upholstered pieces are identical in size and shape. Just remember most fabrics are sold by the yard when planning to upholster an item.

If you want to upholster a sofa, you need to measure it in its entirety. Add one inch all around to make the seams. Just one sofa cushion requires approximately two yards of fabric. When you have all the measurements, divide them by 36 to see how many yards of fabric you need.

Our yardage calculator might come in handy.

Best Yellow Fabricsfor Upholstery and Draperies

Save yourself some time and check out some of the best yellow upholstery fabrics you can get from the Kovi catalog.

Golden Details

This mustard-like gold shade leather fabric is excellent for couches and sofas with personality. This rich shade exudes luxury and sophistication and can instantly add a touch of class to any room. This gold leather fabric is also incredibly durable, so you can be sure that your furniture will look great for years to come.

Rich Fields

A pop of color brights up any room, and yellow is the perfect hue to add a touch of cheerfulness. Plus, yellow is an excellent choice for furniture upholstery because it pairs well with various colors. For a bold look, try pairing yellow with black or white or with gray or navy for a more subdued effect.

Summer Sun

Gazing at this shade of yellow with its soft pattern is like walking through the fields on a warm day in July. It's a great option for chair upholstery, especially when paired with blue or black.

Ochre Obsession

Ochre is a warm color that will create a cozy, inviting atmosphere in your house. Made from polyester fabric, this would make an excellent choice for upholstery in a room with black accents or bronze decor items, but it also works well with deep shades of forest green or charcoal.

Funky Florals

A powerful mustard yellow with delicate floral patterns is perfect for different types of decor. You could use this fabric to make throw pillow covers, upholster chairs, and give an old sofa a new look.

Mellow Yellow

This shade of yellow is a cheery option that can help to brighten up a room. It can reflect light, making a space feel more open and airier. Made from cotton, it's very easy to work with and provides durability that materials like silk cannot. This would look great in a master bedroom or a nursery.

Magnificent Mustard

Mustard yellow is versatile enough to work well with various other colors. For instance, it can pair nicely with shades of blue or green. The cotton fibers give this fabric a delicate look.

Go with Gold

This woven upholstery fabric would look fabulous in a vintage living room or a Bohemian bedroom setup. While a rich color, it doesn't have that bright hue you would expect when you read the word "gold." Instead, it has a delicate shade of fallen yellow leaves at the beginning of autumn.

Delicate Daffodil

If you're looking for curtain fabric that can withstand the sun's fading power, this Sunbrella fabric is a perfect choice. It has a two-tone yellow appearance; you can see the weave up close. It's also an excellent option for making curtains and drapes for commercial areas or homes with high traffic.

Superb Sesame

When using sesame yellow in home decor, it's essential to consider the amount of natural light in the room. Too much sesame yellow can make a space feel overwhelming, so it's best to incorporate it as an accent color. That's why it would be perfect for drapes.

Clean Canary

Canary yellow is a bright, cheerful shade that evokes warmth and sunny days, perfect for a living room or a bedroom curtain.

Pair canary yellow with white or light gray for a classic look. Try teaming it with black or navy blue for something a little bolder. Or, for a touch of elegance, pair canary yellow with pale pink, mint green, or even gold.

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At Kovi Fabrics, we aim to offer the highest quality home decor fabric and drapery fabric at the best mill direct prices. Our fabric collection is produced using the same high-quality materials and proven processes used by many expensive brands superior to what you may find at your local fabric stores.

Feel the difference by ordering fabric memo samples today! All sample costs will be credited towards your fabric purchase, making them free samples. Start by browsing our sampling of yellow upholstery fabric below, or view our entire fabric collection for easy filtering and navigation.

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