Finding the perfect white upholstery fabric is a bit more challenging. That is because there are far more considerations involved—durability, ease of maintenance, stylishness and affordability. Good thing is that at KOVI Fabric, we have the widest collection of white upholstery fabric that remains unmatched by competitors. Are you looking for white textile to buy in bulk or just one to match and add to an existing upholstery? Look no further because our store will provide you with what you need. In our years of experience, we have dealt with various customers who check out the store with an initial design and type of fabric in mind. We ensure that they will have a smile plastered on their faces after seeing the textiles that are available in our virtual showroom.

Large selection of White Upholstery Fabric

Even the most picky customers find satisfaction from our store. For woven fabric, we make sure that the thread count and quality will give the required durability. For synthetic textiles, we go the extra mile to discover the ones with durable top layer that are made to be extra resilient because of the thick under layer.

Since white often needs constant cleaning and extra care, we searched for the ones which can be cleaned with just easy wiping or washing. Whether you are looking for textile that you intend to use on wall padding, furniture cover or other needs, we got all the best options that will make you very happy.

To serve our customers even better, we also exert all our efforts to find manufacturers which will provide us with high-grade materials that do not cost a fortune. Who says elegance should mean spending a lot of money? In KOVI Fabric, you can easily work around your budget without sacrificing your preference for style and design. Check out our showroom and witness our wide collection of white upholstery fabric.

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