The velvet upholstery fabric is a popular choice for a lot of people because of its exquisite texture and rich colors. Using this type of fabric for furnitures and other surfaces instantly transforms the look from ordinary to elegant. KOVI Fabric is the expert when it comes to the best velvet fabric for upholstery. We know that people find it difficult to find the right velvet which will suit their preferences but would not cause a big dent on their budget. At KOVI Fabric, we offer velvet upholstery fabric with utmost quality and durability. Best of all, our prices remain pocket-friendly. Hence, it would be easier for you to get fabulous looking velvet which remains inexpensive.

Velvet upholstery fabric like no other

Browsing through our online catalogue will enable you to choose among numerous options. If you would like to stick to the basics, there are velvet fabrics which come in solid colors with deep tones. This will add a luxurious touch in any furniture or in any room. If you are seeking for something that is a little fancier, we also offer a wide collection of intricately designed and laboriously patterned velvet. Because we have numerous options, your imagination is the limit.

The velvet upholstery fabric that we have in KOVI Fabric will certainly last for years. Using the ones that we have is a smart choice because your upholstered furniture will remain looking new even after frequent use. Aside from using them for bringing life to an old furniture, you can also pick the right velvet which will work perfectly as slipcovers or bed cover.

Most Popular Velvet Upholstery Fabric

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