Decorative Trim, Tassel, Borders and Bands

Top Quality Fabric Trim, Tassel, Borders, Bands and other decorative items to put the perfect finishing touche on your project.

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SampleFavorite T1519 MELON
SampleFavorite T3463 HYDRANGIA
SampleFavorite T2991 WINE
SampleFavorite T6936 FAWN
SampleFavorite DA332 CABERNET
SampleFavorite DA985 S0333 RHUBARB
SampleFavorite DA642 S0130 MIEL
SampleFavorite DA403 PORCELAIN
SampleFavorite DA505 S0940 LICORICE
SampleFavorite DA925 S0040 ECRU
SampleFavorite DA086 S0750 PEACOCK
SampleFavorite DA036 S0630 OPAL
SampleFavorite DA841 BISCUIT
SampleFavorite DA777 RUBY
SampleFavorite DA245 S0350 SWEETHEART ROS
SampleFavorite DA303 S0045 OYSTER
SampleFavorite DA355 S0040 ECRU
SampleFavorite DA073 S0130 MIEL
SampleFavorite D1271 SHIMMER
SampleFavorite D1235 VANILLA
SampleFavorite D6872 BORDEAUX
SampleFavorite D3388 NATURAL
SampleFavorite D2856 JUNIPER
SampleFavorite D8272 BRANDY
SampleFavorite D2624 BORDEAUX
SampleFavorite D0069 CHARCOAL
SampleFavorite D1370 COPPER
SampleFavorite D2397 LAVENDER TWIST
SampleFavorite D7200 COFFEE
SampleFavorite D9831 KIWI
SampleFavorite D9462 WALNUT
SampleFavorite D6159 COCOA LIME
SampleFavorite D7238 LEAF
SampleFavorite D7236 ALLOY
SampleFavorite D5193 AUTUMN BERRY
SampleFavorite D6406 VIOLA
SampleFavorite D0451 SAGE
SampleFavorite D7908 BORDEAUX
SampleFavorite D1079 MIST
SampleFavorite D1085 AUTUMN BERRY
SampleFavorite D6299 AUTUMN BERRY
SampleFavorite D9690 LAVENDER TWIST
SampleFavorite D8428 WINE
SampleFavorite D2505 SAGE
SampleFavorite D9363 MELON
SampleFavorite D0766 COFFEE
SampleFavorite D7948 BLONDE
SampleFavorite D3036 WOODLAND
SampleFavorite D9439 VANILLA
SampleFavorite D7369 LAVENDER TWIST
SampleFavorite D8906 RAZZLE
SampleFavorite D7957 AUTUMN BERRY
SampleFavorite D3450 GRAPE
SampleFavorite D2034 SUNSET
SampleFavorite D7930 AUTUMN BERRY
SampleFavorite D7099 COFFEE
SampleFavorite D1775 AUTUMN BERRY
SampleFavorite D3844 LAVENDER TWIST
SampleFavorite D0574 ESPRESSO
SampleFavorite D6847 THISTLE
SampleFavorite D7233 TREASURE
SampleFavorite D9057 TWIST
SampleFavorite D0860 AUTUMN BERRY
SampleFavorite D8068 BRANDY
SampleFavorite D2116 LIPSTICK
SampleFavorite D0400 AUTUMN BERRY
SampleFavorite D5867 CARAMEL
SampleFavorite D1639 TEAL