When choosing upholstery fabric for your home, one of the best choices is chenille. Chenille fabric is durable, lustrous, versatile, and available in countless designs, colors, and patterns. While many fabric stores no longer stock a large selection of chenille, that's not the case with KOVI Fabrics. We offer a huge selection of over 1,500 types of chenille fabrics for upholstery, drapery, and other applications, so consider choosing chenille fabric today.

What Is Chenille Fabric?

Chenille is a composite fabric made from yarn spun from different fibers, including silk, cotton, wool, and rayon. The name chenille is derived from the French word for caterpillar, whose fur closely resembles the fabric yarn.

As the name and the caterpillar namesake hint, chenille is made to create a soft and fluffy appearance by twisting shorter yarns around a central thread. The unique weave of chenille results in a soft and luxurious fabric that is strong and offers great tactile qualities. Cutting the yarns of a chenille fabric creates a short pile effect, which is even softer to the touch.

Different Chenille Fabric Styles

Chenille is available in many kinds of weaves, from a large pile to a smaller, tighter pile fabric. Different colors are available as chenille is easy to dye. With different thicknesses of yarn used in the manufacturing process, it is also possible to achieve different effects.

Liven up your room with chenille jacquard upholstery fabric to create that sofa you've always dreamed of. Why not try some embroidered drapery fabric with your choice of chenille fabric to make a powerful statement that also provides great sound control with noise-canceling properties?

Best Uses for Chenille Fabric

Chenille can be used in any room, and as upholstery, it can be used for the following: Sofas, Ottomans, Wingback chairs, Chaise longues, Out-of-the-way window seats

Few fabrics are as versatile as chenille, which you can use to create matching curtains, drapes, and accent pillows to finish your ideal home decor.

Use the warmth of chenille to liven up a cold climate room, make your bedroom cozy, or create that warm and inviting reading nook you've been dreaming of with a chenille-upholstered recliner and matching drapery. The availability of countless chenille upholstery fabrics means the options with chenille are endless.

Chenille is also highly practical, and the fabric is a blessing for pet owners. The fabric can hide stains or dirt. Since chenille has a tight weave, much like microfiber, it can be resistant to ripping. Your kitty cat and puppy dog will be less able to rip your sofa with chenille upholstery fabric, nor will they be able to bite into the fabric as easily.

Crafters also enjoy using the fabric for tapestries, carpets and rugs, and ornate pillows. Chenille can add glam to any room while remaining a highly practical fabric.

Is Chenille Fabric Right for You?

The fabric may sound fancy, but it is also easy to care for since the cotton blend fabric is fully washable and handles infrequent cleaning quite well. With stain-proofing added to your curtains and upholstery, you can rest assured that your chenille fabric choice will last for years when placed in areas with moderate traffic.

However, if your home is frequented by children and your sofas may require regular cleaning, chenille won't be the fabric for you. While the material can be washed, it shouldn't be exposed to water and chemicals regularly, or it will lose that characteristic chenille feel. A final downside to chenille fabric as an upholstery or drapery choice is that it is prone to fading in strong sunlight. The extent of fading will depend on the rayon content in the chenille mix, and the higher the rayon content, the more the fabric will fade over time.

Whether you choose an everyday fabric for a family room or a special occasion fabric for your guest room, chenille remains a firm favorite.

Get Chenille Upholstery Fabric Here

Kovi Fabrics has a wide selection of premium chenille fabrics to satisfy your heart's desire. Your choice will depend on the project you are working on, the amount of wear and tear your furniture will experience, the frequency of cleaning it will have to endure, and the amount of UV exposure the fabric will face.

Having ticked those boxes, it's time to indulge your senses as you dive into the treasure trove that is KOVI Fabrics Chenille collection. Contact us about wholesale pricing for interior designers and businesses.

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