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Crypton Fabric Patterns

Premium Quality Performance Fabrics

Crypton upholstery fabric makes furniture shopping much less stressful and more enjoyable for families, couples, and everyone in between. Once you've experienced the softness, durability, and inviting feel of Crypton fabrics, you likely won't want to buy any other kind.

What kind of Fabric is Crypton?

Crypton is a type of stain-resistant performance fabric that is commonly used in the upholstery industry, although it's also available in other fabrics as well.

What is Crypton Fabric used for?

Crypton fabrics are durable, cleanable, and mostly used in residential settings because of the material's softness, quality, unique patterns and designs. Crypton home fabric comes in velvet, linen, leather, woven blankets, natural fibers, and more. Crypton home fabric is safe and friendly for kids and families. It is free of potentially harmful levels of formaldehyde, heavy metals, phthalates, and odor and skin sensitizers.

Is Crypton Fabric Good for Upholstery?

Crypton is odor-free, durable, and stain resistant. Designed for residential and contract applications, Crypton fabric is ideal for upholstery purposes in homes, hotels, cruise ships, and other environments where spills and accidents happen and clean ups are a regular occurrence. It also comes with various patterns that would match with your personality.

Prevent Stains and Mess with Crypton Home Fabric

Thanks to its patent-pending "repel and release" design, every Crypton fiber creates a moisture barrier, a bacteria barrier, and works to prevent a stain from ever reaching any of the fibers. In doing so, Crypton upholstery fabric prevents spills from leaking to the cushion below and prevents any messes. Once consumers experience the way liquids and potential stains roll right off the fabric, they often never go back to any other kind of upholstery.

What environments are ideal for Crypton Upholstery?

Crypton home fabric is both kid and pet friendly, repels odor and stains without sacrificing quality, softness, or comfort. It's even machine washable, so it's understandable why families all over the world choose Crypton Home Fabric for their couches, lounge chairs, cushions, and more. Families don't want to sacrifice their precious family time at home worrying about spills or accidents. Crypton fabric takes care of that. Additionally, you can choose from various designs and patterns that would complement your interior.

Clean and Care Recommendations for Crypton Upholstery Fabric

Due to its durability and stain resistant properties, Crypton can be tossed in the wash and used with a mild detergent. It can also be spot treated like standard upholstery fabrics. We recommend testing a small area of your Crypton upholstery fabric first with a mild detergent and warm water.

Choose Kovi Fabrics for All Your Fabric Needs

At Kovi Fabrics, we pride ourselves in providing the largest selection of fabrics online. Our customers can shop for over 25,000 upholstery fabric choices, knowing they are browsing the best the market can provide. Customers can purchase Crypton fabric by the yard at Kovi Fabrics, or request a sample to experience it firsthand. From what customers around the world are saying, it's one of the best upholstery alternatives to hit the market. Quality is just as important as selection to the team at Kovi Fabrics. We only sell brand new top-quality upholstery fabric and drapery fabric that are backed by our lifetime warranty. Our customers having the best options in fabric and drapery is our #1 priority.

Our Customers Come First

When shopping on our site, know that our customer service is waiting in the wings to help you at any point. Our team members are standing by 24/7 to help you select the perfect upholstery fabric for your project. We can help you get samples, pick color coordinates, get fabric specifications, clarify patterns and textures, and much more. Don't hesitate to ask! We offer free shipping on orders over 5 yards and also have hassle-free returns. Most in-stock items ship the same day and are delivered within just five business days.

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