KOVI Fabrics Reviews

Quote by Richard

Wanted to let you know that the fabric we bought looks great. And Andrea Rivas was extremely helpful, personable and professional in helping us to determine when our order would arrive. Looking forward to our team recovering the kneelers for our church. I am sure they will look great.
- Review by Richard 1 week, 1 day ago -

Quote by Susanna

Very helpful. Excellent follow-up. Superior products. Helpful staff. Worth every penny!!! Delighted.
- Review by Susanna 2 weeks, 3 days ago -

Quote by Steve

I recently bought fabric for a special mid century sofa, lounge chair and eight art deco dining room chairs. I found the KOVI website much easier than paging through fabric sample books. I ordered quite a few samples and was able to select some fantastic fabrics. Every interaction was terrific. What was a surprise is that a sales person and a supervisor followed up with emails and cell phone calls to make sure I had what I needed. I could not imagine a better online experience with anything. Fabrics were delivered ahead of schedule and the upholsterer is busy. Thanks to everyone who helped me at KOVI. Wow!
- Review by Steve Pellegren 2 weeks, 4 days ago -

Quote by Mary

The website is easy to use. Customer service is always prompt and knowledgeable. Fabrics are high quality and as described. They also offer credit for samples. Highly recommended.
- Review by Mary 3 weeks, 4 days ago -

Quote by Susanna

Excellent! I requested samples and I received them promptly; KOVI followed up to make sure I had received them; I placed an order -- it arrived sooner than expected -- and again, a follow-up to make sure I had received my order and that I was pleased with it -- and they thanked me for my order!
- Review by Susanna on 26/5/22 -

Project by Rachel

Project by Rachel

I ended up recovering some counter stools with this fabric and they are FABULOUS!
- Review by Rachel on 10/5/22 -

Project by Jean

Project by Jean

Lounge chair in a reptile faux leather. Looks amazing!
- Review by Jean on 8/5/22 -

Quote by Arlene

I have delt with Kovi in the past. I have had a great experience with Kovi from the very first time I purchased from them. They answered all my questions. Tony got back with me and left a clear message on his second time trying to get back with me. Kovi has prompt shipping service. Great prices. Good quality fabric. Everyone for whom I have recommended Kovi to, has also made all positive comments to me about their shopping experience with Kovi. Thank you Kovi!
- Review by Arlene on 4/5/22 -

Quote by Frank

Really excellent customer experience, excellent fabrics, and excellent fabric documentation.
- Review by Frank on 24/4/22 -

Project by SandraProject by Sandra

Project by Sandra

The chair is being reupholstered at present but am sending photos of two other projects done with your fabric. The chair is an "after" picture (didn't take a before pic for some reason), the previous fabric was plain white. I purchased the sofa with flower print and replaced it with green velvet style material. This is my library that started its life as an old hen house. The floors turned out particularly nice considering it's history. The bit of pink chair is what is being worked on at present. I loved the fabric but it was thread bare and the springs in the seat tortuous!
- Review by Sandra on 16/4/22 -

Project by Kathy

Project by Kathy

Just loved it. Like I said it played right into the retro vibe of the set itself. Thanks again!
- Review by Kathy on 16/3/22 -

Quote by Louise

Allie was incredibly helpful sorting out a problem to let me track down a fabric I wanted. She was so kind to do so, getting back to me quickly and sorting anything out. Kovi Fabrics always send swatches quickly and have a wonderful selection of fabrics, and their customer service goes above and beyond. Allie was just fabulous.
- Review by Louise on 2/3/22 -

Quote by Gabriela

Great selection of products. I was able to find the identical faux leather to repair an armchair that was part of a beautiful living room that is now discontinued. I was basically able to save my whole living room set. Great customer service, great shipping.
- Review by Gabriela on 23/2/22 -

Project by Jimi

Project by Jimi

Beautiful custom accent pillow design with KOVI Fabrics.
- Review by Jimi on 22/2/22 -

Quote by Alexa

I'd nearly given up on restoring my vintage love seat until I came across Kovi fabrics. I found a similar (but better) fabric on their site. I was a bit intimidated attempting to recover it myself but, because everyone was backed up with work and supply chain issues, I decided to recover it myself. It turned out beautifully and I couldn't be happier with the result!
- Review by Alexa on 19/2/22 -

Quote by Lynne

Kovi is a wonderful company to do business with. Prompt, pleasant and even a follow-up email to make sure that I was satisfied. What a pleasure this was! Thank you so much!
- Review by Lynne on 15/2/22 -

Project by TrishProject by TrishProject by Trish

Project by Trish

Before and after pictures of a fantastic lounge chair refresh.
- Review by Trish on 10/2/22 -

Quote by Sara

Above and beyond customer service! I received a personal note thanking me for my order and when I should expect the fabric to arrive. We recovered bar stools and wanting high quality fabric for the project in which we got. Then I received another communication from KOVI asking me about my project and how it turned out. Thanks again and we will certainly return for any future projects.
- Review by Sara on 7/2/22 -

Quote by Lisa

I've ordered a couple of times from KOVI for some upholstery projects. I'm impressed by the quality of products being offered and love the customer service and support. I will continue to order in the future as my projects come out very nicely with KOVI fabrics.
- Review by Lisa on 1/2/22 -

Project by StephanieProject by StephanieProject by Stephanie

Project by Stephanie

Here are the before and after photos! They were even done in time for Thanksgiving dinner.
- Review by Stephanie on 28/1/22 -

Quote by Thomas

We had acquired a Hayward-Wakefield dining table and four chairs and sought to find a high quality fabric with a design we liked. KOVI had it and shipped it to us much quicker than we anticipated. When the fabric arrived, we compared it to swatches of other fabrics which we had and it easily was among the best in terms of quality and design. The owner of our reupholstery shop said he really like the fabric, particularly the backing!
- Review by Thomas on 25/1/22 -

Quote by Maria

They were fantastic! The customer service helped me with the amount of fabric I needed to cover my chairs. They were above and beyond nice and helpful. The sample ordering was simple and I even got credit towards my purchase! I will be using them again.
- Review by Maria on 17/1/22 -

Project by Michelle

Project by Michelle

The fabrics and chairs are GREAT! Hope that you agree. Thanks for the help and we will be back if we need additional fabrics.
- Review by Michelle on 16/1/22 -

Quote by Jennifer

I purchased striped material to cover a chair. The material was beautiful. The chair is beautiful. I have enough left over to make a valence and a pillow. Very pleased with the quality and price.
- Review by Jennifer on 12/1/22 -

Project by Jami

Project by Jami

A fantastic up glow of a couch using KOVI Fabrics.
- Review by Jami on 6/1/22 -

Project by Claire

Project by Claire

A superb job by Windy City Upholstery on a modern lounge couch.
- Review by Claire on 2/1/22 -

Quote by Jay

Gorgeous fabric at an amazing price!
- Review by Jay on 2/1/22 -

Project by Jay

Project by Jay

REALLY beautiful! And today's my birthday so what a nice present!
- Review by Jay on 24/12/21 -

Project by Janet

Project by Janet

I wanted you to see how beautiful my clients chair turned out with your fabric. We used D9840 Pomegranate. My client is thrilled and my upholsterer told me it was great fabric to work with. So thank you, I'll definitely be using your fabrics again!
- Review by Janet on 21/12/21 -

Project by Barbara

Project by Barbara

Yes I did receive the fabric and I now have 2 new chairs. I have included a photo for you.
- Review by Barbara on 20/12/21 -

Quote by Alice

Excellent customer service. Very happy with the fabric we chose and the final results exceeded our expectations.
- Review by Alice on 17/12/21 -

Project by AnthonyProject by AnthonyProject by AnthonyProject by Anthony

Project by Anthony

The fabrics were perfect.
- Review by Anthony on 16/12/21 -

Quote by Karen

Excellent Service I had worked with other companies and ordered fabric just to find out after ordering, my fabric was not available. I happened by KOVI, left a message, and someone called, looked at my project, determined how much fabric, helped me place the order, and the fabric was here within days. Just dropped off at upholsterer. Can't wait to see the final result. Will send photos.
- Review by Karen on 15/12/21 -

Project by Ed

Project by Ed

Attached is the photo of our new seat cushions for two chairs.
- Review by Ed on 11/12/21 -

Quote by Barbara

I needed to replace some sofa cousins because water damages this type polyester. Had to replace only the cushions. I sent Kovi photos and they came up with an extremely close fabric which was a water base cleanup and a heavier duty fabric. I was able to replace only the seat cushions, and the backs I could keep. Never thought I would be able to match the fabric.
- Review by Barbara on 7/12/21 -

Quote by Barbara

In the thick of Covid, I decided I could look for fabrics to reupholster a chair we bought 40 years ago. I went on line and found some fabrics I liked. I received some samples and then tried to find an upholsterer. I found a young woman who worked out of her garage, sent her photos of the chairs, and waited for 2 months until she had time to do them. The wonderful fabric arrived and before too long, she could do the chair. With in a week we had the chair back and my husband like the fabric so much that I ordered more fabric and we now have 2 wonderful new chairs. The upholsterers loved the fabric and said it was wonderful to work with. Thank you Kovi!!
- Review by Barbara on 2/12/21 -

Quote by Violet

Excellent to work with and Tony is the best! Fair prices and vast variety of fabric to choose from. The website works really well for filtering options to make searching a breeze. Also nice that they credit the price of swatches toward your next order. They usually get back to you on email within a day and if you need to hop on a call to get more clarity, Tony is delightful and a total pro! This time around the fabric I had my heart set on was discontinued but they worked with me to find a replacement fabric so I'd be satisfied with to complete the project.
- Review by Violet on 1/12/21 -

Quote by Darlene

My experience with Kovi was great! Their website is user friendly. They have a huge assortment of fabrics and samples are cheap, easy to order, and delivered very quick. Customer service is available if you need designer guidance with fabric choices. I recommend Kovi to everyone. You'll be happy with Kovi.
- Review by Darlene on 25/11/21 -

Quote by Kristy

Wonderful company to deal with , easiest and most informational description of each fabric I have seen from any other seller, bar none!
- Review by Kristy on 23/11/21 -

Quote by Anna

Prompt delivery and quality fabric. Customer service consultants are first class.
- Review by Anna on 22/11/21 -

Project by Jackie

Project by Jackie

I did & my chairs now look great! Thanks for reaching out and for the follow up. Happy Thanksgiving!
- Review by Jackie on 19/11/21 -

Project by PeterProject by PeterProject by Peter

Project by Peter

I received the fabric and have installed it. The fabric quality is great and KOVI shipped it very quickly. The attached pictures are of an ottoman that I built for my wife. I started with an oak log that I processed into lumber which I used to design, build and finish the ottoman. I'm not much of an upholsterer, but the finished top came out decent. The pattern, texture, and color of the fabric that I purchased from KOVI compliment our sofa.Thank you for the good service and follow up.
- Review by Peter on 19/11/21 -

Project by Lorma

Project by Lorma

Well I'm finally (almost) done with my project - that's x2 identical sofas and I have more extra fabric left. Here are some photos - I'm quite please myself if I may say so!
- Review by Lorma on 16/11/21 -

Project by Jill

Project by Jill

Dining room chair upholstery project using KOVI Fabrics.
- Review by Jill on 10/11/21 -

Quote by Robert

A great experience with Kovi fabrics. The fabric that I ordered is gorgeous. The company was fantastic in following the order, shipment and satisfaction. I'm very impressed with this company and will definitely use them in the future.
- Review by Robert on 10/11/21 -

Project by Robert

Project by Robert

I am very happy with my order and the service from Kovi.I am attaching the before and after pictures of one of the benches that I completed using the new fabric.The before is on the left and I am in the process of reupholstering it. Thanks for the fine service.
- Review by Robert on 8/11/21 -

Project by JonProject by Jon

Project by Jon

We are reupholstering two chairs that my parents have had for about 50 years and moving them to a lake cabin. I can send 'after' pics when they're done in a few weeks. Ready for the cabin!
- Review by Jon on 7/11/21 -

Project by RuthProject by Ruth

Project by Ruth

Now I want to do the ottoman. Ordering more fabric soon!
- Review by Ruth on 7/11/21 -

Project by Susan

Project by Susan

I love it! Here are the chairs we recovered with it!
- Review by Susan on 6/11/21 -

Project by LauraProject by Laura

Project by Laura

As a follow up to your email Oct 21st, I'm attaching before (cat clawed) and after picture (reupholstered in your fabric) of the kitchen island stool. There are 3 stools in all. It was recommended to get a micro suede for its durability. I'm very pleased with the fabric and, fingers crossed, the cat hasn't attacked it yet.
- Review by Laura on 31/10/21 -