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Marine Vinyl Fabric

Heavy duty marine vinyl that will stand up to the elements

Are you looking for marine vinyl fabric? There are several factors that you need to consider when looking for the right marine vinyl upholstery fabric for your boat. The good news is that KOVI Fabrics is here to help you solve your confusion and ease the difficulty of searching for the perfect marine vinyl. Our company lives by our reputation as the one-stop shop when it comes to excellent vinyl and textiles, which are perfect for all your upholstery needs. We have the most commendable collection of marine vinyl fabric and all other types of materials for all boat and marine-related upholstery projects.

The Best Marine Upholstery Fabric

We will help you pick the most appropriate marine-grade vinyl fabric that will match your design needs, hold up to the rough marine conditions outdoors, and protect your fabric from inclement weather.

With the right choice of colors and weather treatment, the look will certainly be astounding and last a long time on your boat upholstery. We also have a wide selection of clear vinyl for windows and sunroofs. The materials are also thick and sturdy. Even if the textile is used for boat seats, boat cushions, and boat covers, it will remain flawless and undamaged amidst changing weather conditions and frequent usage.

How to Choose the Best Boat Upholstery Material

With our wide array of boat upholstery fabric and marine-grade vinyl that we have, your quest to find the right type is easy. In our virtual showroom, you can see some that are waterproof, mildew resistant, UV resistant, highly durable to salt water damage and other specifications.

Marine Vinyl Fabric Options

Marine upholstery material comes in two categories: Marine grade vinyl and marine fabric. Most marine vinyl is made from synthetic leather and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. The durability is rated superior to standard vinyl and will be resistant to fading and mold, making it ideal for a boat. Marine fabric is also stain resistant and offers UV protection, along with an impressive standard in fabric used for outdoor furniture.

Getting your hands on the right marine upholstery fabric is way too easy. By working with KOVI Fabrics, we can assist you with your needs, and you can solve your upholstery design problems in a snap.

Check out our blog on marine fabrics if you are interested in learning more about the best ways to select the material and how to use it properly.

Choose KOVI Fabrics For all Your Marine Vinyl Fabric Needs

At KOVI Fabrics, we pride ourselves on providing the largest selection of fabrics online. Our customers can shop for over 25,000 upholstery fabric choices, knowing they are browsing the best the market can provide.

Customers can purchase marine vinyl by the yard at KOVI Fabrics or request a sample to experience it firsthand.

Quality is just as important as selection to the team at KOVI Fabrics. We only sell brand new top-quality upholstery and drapery fabric backed by our lifetime warranty. Our customers having the best options in fabric and drapery is our #1 priority.

Our Customers Come First

When shopping on our site, know that our customer service is waiting in the wings to help you at any point should you need it. Our team members are standing by 24/7 to help you select the perfect upholstery fabric for your project. We can help you get samples, pick color coordinates, get fabric specifications, clarify patterns and textures, and much more. Don't hesitate to ask!

We offer free shipping on orders over 5 yards and also have hassle-free returns. Most in-stock items ship the same day and are delivered within just five business days.

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