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Huge Selection of Tweed Denim Upholstery Fabrics

Are you looking to add a unique touch of charm to your wardrobe and home? Tweed might do the deed! If you decide that tweed is indeed the way to go, here are my pro tips on how best to use it in your home and a comprehensive list of some of the best tweed fabrics to choose from our amazing selection.

What Is Tweed Fabric?

Tweed fabric is a woven textile that originates in Scotland and Ireland, dating back to the 1800s. Typically, tweed is crafted from blending wool using basic weaving techniques. The threads are interlocked into a sturdy yet soft texture that’s perfect for jackets, coats, and skirts. 

Different types of tweed differ based on their color and yarn thickness. This means it can be used for fashion-forward pieces and more traditional attire. 

Tweed also offers excellent durability and insulation, protecting your clothes from everyday wear while keeping you warm during cold weather.

Pros and Cons of Tweed

This classic fabric dates back centuries, characterized by its traditional, vibrant coloring and woven textures. While it's a common type of fabric with a timeless appeal, some may find it too warm or heavy for certain settings. 

That being said, there are many pros to tweed as well:

  • The fabric is breathable and durable, meaning it's good for outerwear such as coats, pants, and jackets. But it's also hard and rough and not designed for delicate applications.

  • It’s economical - depending on the quality of the tweed, you can get a lot of fabric that will last you many seasons.

  • It can also be quite stylish when paired with other fabrics or accessories. 

Pro Tips for Using Tweed in Your Home

When I worked in Design, I recommended tweed to many clients because of how many applications it’s useful for.

Upholster a Headboard

Upholstering a headboard with tweed fabric has several benefits. Firstly, it gives the bedroom a classic, timeless look that never goes out of style. Also, tweed is extremely durable and easy to clean, making it ideal for furniture pieces that may be frequently used. It's also incredibly comfortable, with a soft texture and great sound insulation.

Recover Some Pillows

Recovering your pillows with tweed fabric has many positive benefits.

It's highly durable and easy to clean while providing excellent insulation that keeps you cool and warm during cold weather. 

Furthermore, tweed is a great way to add subtle style to your pillows without needing to buy new ones - an inexpensive option for updating your decor!

Dress Your Windows

Adding tweed to your windows is an excellent way to enhance the room's look. It provides a classic and timeless aesthetic, and tweed also offers superior insulation and comfortable texture. 

Tweed curtains are incredibly durable, making them ideal for high-traffic areas or rooms with children or pets. This fabric comes in various styles and colors, allowing you to choose something that perfectly matches your decor while still providing the incredible benefits of using tweed.

Pattern or Plain

Using patterned or plain tweed in your home can be a great way to add texture, warmth, and style. Plain tweeds offer a classic look with timeless appeal, while patterned tweeds can add a modern flair. 

Both types of tweeds are incredibly durable and easy to clean – perfect for any high-traffic areas or homes with children or pets. What’s more, the variety of colors and styles available means you can easily find something that fits into your design scheme. 

Whether you choose plain or patterned tweed, it’s sure to provide superior insulation and comfort while elevating the look of any room in your home.

What Can You Make with Tweed?

Tweed is one of my favorite fabrics to work with because of its versatility and durability.

Jackets and Outerwear

Tweed is a great material for making jackets and outerwear due to its superior insulation and comfort. This fabric is strong and durable, making it ideal for winter or rainy climates and perfect for high-traffic areas.

Tweed comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, allowing you to find something that will perfectly match your style. Use it for trench coats, winter clothing, and more.

Skirts and Dresses

This is a great material for making tweed garments such as skirts and dresses due to its softness and warmth. As a lightweight fabric, tweed is perfect for warm climates, keeping you cool and comfortable even on the hottest days of the year. 

Pillows and Afghans

Pillows and afghans made of tweed fabric have the perfect combination of comfort and sophistication. Tweed has extreme durability, making it ideal for items that will last through multiple uses. 

Its fleece-like texture has a luxurious feel that adds warmth and coziness to any room. With its range of stylish colors and patterns, you can choose the perfect tweed fabric to match your decor and make beautiful accent or statement pieces for your home.

Bags and Wallets

Tweed is an ideal fabric for making bags and wallets due to its strong yet flexible nature. Tweed is strong enough to withstand repeated use yet lightweight enough to maintain a comfortable fit. 

The wide selection of colors and styles available in tweed makes it easy to choose a bag or wallet that will match your style. To make the most out of tweed when crafting bags and wallets, look for a fabric with a tight weave. 

How Much Tweed Fabric Will You Need? 

All fabric is sold by the yard, but when measuring tweed for projects like pillows, afghans, bags, and wallets, it is important to consider the size required for each item. First, measure the area of your project and add an extra inch or two on all sides to account for any adjustments or shrinking of the fabric when stitching. 

For items that need to fit a certain width, such as straps or handles, measure those separately, and double-check once your project is complete. Taking into account the shrinkage rate of tweed fabric when washing can help ensure you have enough fabric to make whatever you desire.

Common Tweed Patterns

  • Houndstooth pattern

  • Herringbone pattern

  • Salt and pepper pattern

Are You Ready for Tweed?

Now that you know all about this wool yarn fabric, you should be armed with enough info to decide whether or not tweed is the right choice for you. Now shop all our amazing tweed fabrics and get started on your project today!

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