Ultrasuede is know for a soft touch and luxurious texture, combined with superior durability. Produced sustainably using recycled and natural materials, eco and planet friendly. An ideal cover for upholstered furnishings, such as sofas, ottomans, dining and lounge chairs because it is so easy to clean and to care for. Other benefits include colorfastness, making it perfect for sunny rooms; and its ability to retain a comfortable surface temperature. Ultrasuede is known as the ideal leather alternative, and is available in a wide range of colors to suit any interior space.

Care Instructions

A quick once-over with a lint brush will restore the sensuous nap and soft luster. Periodically, it's also recommended to vacuum the fabric and then dust it gently but thoroughly with a well-wrung damp cloth or sponge. Take care not to get the fabric too wet. Re-dampen your cloth or sponge in clean water, wipe again and let dry overnight. Once completely dry, rejuvenate the fabric with a gentle brushing.

Ultrasuede is designed to be machine-washable. For spills, gently pat the spilled liquid with a paper towel. This will take care of most spills. For dried-in soiling, coffee stains and the like, you'll obtain the best results by gently brushing the stained area. Vacuuming up the dried material is also effective.

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