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Privacy, Data Handling and Site Security Policies

Privacy Policy

Kovi Fabrics is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. We will not disclose any personal information including e-mail, telephone or address with any third party. Any information you provide to us will not be sold, rented or loaned to any third party and will strictly just be used for communications and internal processes related to your order. We do not store any financial information regarding your payment method used and will contact you each time payment is required. Customers may contact us at any time by email or phone with requests to access, rectify, erase, or stop sharing/processing their information and can expect compliance within 24 hours.

On occasion, we may contact you with promotions via e-mail. If, at any time, you wish to opt out of these mailings, simply send an e-mail to Customer Service asking us to remove your name.

Data Handling and Protection Policy

The Data Protection Policy governs the receipt, storage, usage, transfer, and disposal of Information. This policy is applicable to all systems that store, process, or otherwise handle data. It outlines the appropriate conduct and technical controls to be applied in managing and protecting information assets.

A record of data processing activities such as specific data fields and how they are collected, processed, stored, used, shared, and disposed for all personal information is maintained to establish accountability and compliance with regulations. We have industry standard process in place to detect and comply with privacy and security laws and regulatory requirements applicable to our business and retain documented evidence of our compliance. We abide by strict privacy policy rules for customer consent and data rights to access, rectify, erase, or stop sharing/processing their information where applicable or required by data privacy regulation. We have robust technical and organizational processes and systems in place for assisting Authorized Users with data subject access requests. Requests can be submitted by email or phone and will be complied with within 24 hours. This includes contractual provisions in employment contracts with employees that process personal information to maintain full confidentiality.

We do not collect any personal data other than what is absolutely needed to process your orders. Personal information is processed for shipping and is not stored beyond the fulfillment of your orders. Order processing is the only use for any personal data such as shipping address. We do not share any data with any third party organization. No access is given to anyone in the organization to access any personal data. We do not collect or store any personal data. No personal data it ever downloaded or made available offline in any way. Any data files, shipping labels, print out, pick lists, or any other media is routinely inspected an destroyed immediately if identified as containing any personal information.

Site Security

All financial and personal information submitted when placing an order on this website is secured using industry standard AES-128 or RSA with 2048-bit key size or higher encryption. This includes communications with our credit-card authorization service, PayPal and Stripe. When checking out, your order will be directed to the secure section of this site. At that time, you will see a small lock icon in your browser that verifies that your transaction is secure and that none of your financial information is accessible. All information is transferred over encrypted connections and is not exposed at any point in time. Maximum security SSL/TLS encryption is used over HTTPS connection. None of the information is ever accessible through servers or any other endpoints.