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Crypton Fabric

Crypton fabric is designed to keep up with everyday life no matter how messy it can get. The protective layer will cause liquids to bead up and won’t soak into the fibers. In most cases, you can just wipe the liquid with a cloth. Crypton fibers are immersed in the Crypton treatments before they’re even constructed into fabrics. So Crypton treatments become part of the fabric itself from the very beginning. Because the fabrics’ components are built this way, whatever weave you choose can still be soft and breathable rather than being closed by some coating done after the fact. This allows for comfort but also unparalleled durability. Crypton fabric sounds like they’re suited for superheroes, in that it repels stains and offers an easy-to-clean upholstery and drapery material. When you need a classic fabric that invites cozying up and will hold up over the long term, choose Crypton fabric.

No More Stains

The Crypton fabrics are woven with a protective layer that protects against spills. It keeps your furniture dry with its water-resistant feature, ensuring that your sofa or wingback chair won’t soak up the liquid. This protects your fabric furnishings from staining, making the Crypton kid-friendly and pet friendly.

Easy-to-Clean Crypton

Cleaning Crypton Home Fabric is a breeze with its exceptional protection from stains, odors, moisture, and mildew. Most new stains come off with a clean, damp cloth and water. For more stubborn stains, a mild soap and water mixture is very effective. Imagine the convenience of spring cleaning when you can toss your drapes into the washing machine and tumble dry them easily - made possible with Crypton drapes.

Treated during the Fiber-Making Process

The fibers comprising Crypton fabric receive their Crypton coating treatment before the weaving process rather than an additive to the fabric, like stain guards. Crypton fabric’s protectant starts as a part of the cloth, making it more enduring and providing superior protection against odor, stain, moisture, bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Wide Selection of Patterns and Textures

Whether you want a damask, jacquard, or solid fabric, you can have it in Crypton. You’ll also find this upholstery, drapery fabric resistant to bacterial growth, mildew, and fading. With all of these benefits, Crypton fabric remains an ecologically friendly product.

Heavy-Duty Crypton Fabric Offers the Ideal Workplace Material

Composed of polyester, linen, cotton, and other blends, Crypton fabric rates as a heavy-duty material since it exceeds 100,000 Wyzenbeek rubs. Heavy-duty fabrics work well for high-traffic areas in residences, commercial and hospitality settings.

Fabric Measurements 

Crypton upholstery fabric comes as a 54-inch wide material. While some stores sell fabric by the yard, we sell it by the yard in 0.25-yard increments or by the roll. KOVI stocks ample quantities of these fabrics for bulk orders.

Why Buy from KOVI Fabrics?

At KOVI Fabrics, we offer only premium-quality upholstery or drapery fabrics. We cut your order from a brand-new bolt and back it with our lifetime warranty. Our Crypton selection qualifies for a volume discount for orders of more than 10 yards. Contact us when you need to complete a large project, and find out how we can save you money while helping style your home or office.

KOVI Design Services

KOVI offers custom design services. Whether you need slipcovers, or furniture upholstery, ask us for a consultation. We can help you come up with fresh ideas or handle the project for you. KOVI even recovers and creates custom furniture so you can obtain just the right piece for your home. Contact Kovi Fabrics for the durable, comfortable Crypton fabric that stands the test of time, and to check our services for custom upholstery, furniture, slipcovers.

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