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Huge Selection of Premium Denim Upholstery Fabrics

Denim is a trendy fabric that has been used for hundreds of years in some form or another, and it keeps growing in popularity! From your favorite jeans to fashionable jackets and everything in between there's no denying denim's stylish edge. Denim fabric is a sturdy type of fabric that has its origins in 17th-century France. It is usually made from twill-weave cotton or cotton blends and is known for its signature diagonal ribbing pattern. It’s been used throughout the centuries for its durability and strength, making it ideal for creating heavy-duty garments such as jeans, overalls, and workwear. Its characteristic diagonal ribbing pattern is created by weaving the cotton or cotton-blend yarns in a warp and weft method. The warp yarns are woven over and under the weft yarns to create the classic ribbed texture. This weaving technique gives denim its strength, making it perfect for creating hard-wearing garments like jeans, overalls, and workwear that stand up to everyday wear and tear.

Using Denim in the Home

These tips will help you decide how and where to use this fabric in your home decor.

Don't Go Overboard

Denim fabric can be used to create stylish home decor without going overboard.

Consider adding pillows or throws with subtle designs as a statement piece or adding textiles such as curtains and rugs made from lightweight denim fabric.

Mix It Up With Patterns and Colors

Denim fabric is a great way to add texture and interest to your home decor. Mix denim pieces with other patterns and colors to make them stand out.

For instance, adding throws or pillows made of denim fabric in various colors can create an eye-catching contrast.

Similarly, mixing light and dark shades of denim can break up the monotony of all one color within a room.

Know Your Thickness

When selecting denim fabric for use in the home, it is important to consider the thickness of the material. Lighter-weight fabrics are ideal for pieces that are meant to move, such as curtains and rugs. For furnishing, heavier materials may be best suited because they offer more durability and structure.

Reserve It for Items That Need Durability

Lighter-weight fabrics are ideal for pieces that are meant to move, such as curtains and rugs. For furnishing, heavier materials may be best suited because they offer more durability and structure.

Lighter denim fabrics can layer over thicker materials or upholstery to add a subtle hint of texture without being overwhelming.

Stretch Denim Vs. Regular Denim

Stretch denim and regular denim differ in the materials they are made up of. Regular denim is usually composed of cotton, elastane, and polyester. In contrast, stretch denim contains more lycra, spandex, and other synthetic materials.

The construction of each type varies: regular denim has a thinner weave which tightens with wear for a structured look, whereas stretch denim has a much looser weave that allows it to move with you.

Regular denim fabric is better suited for everyday use or when a structure is desired, while stretch denim may be ideal when needing more flexibility or comfort.

What Can You Make With Denim?

Need some ideas for your next project? here are a few things you can easily make from denim fabric.


Denim is versatile and hangs really well due to its weight, making it perfect for making curtains and draperies.

Pillow Covers

Pillow covers made from denim fabric are an excellent choice for comfort and style. The thick material provides cushioning while also giving the pillow a luxurious look and feel.

Clothing and Apparel

This practical fabric is a popular choice for clothing and apparel because of its durability and effortless style. You could make pants, skirts, jackets, and accessories like hats and vests.


Denim fabric is an excellent choice for upholstery due to its strength and durability. The fabric can withstand a great amount of wear and tear, making it ideal for furniture that will be used often.


It is easy to customize a denim headboard to match your existing furniture or add a unique touch of style to any room.

Home Decor

Not only does this practical fabric make for a stylish addition to any space, but it's also strong and durable, making it perfect for frequently used items.

Denim is available in various colors and washes, allowing you to create custom pieces that fit your decor. Moreover, denim is relatively easy to maintain and clean should it become stained or dirty over time.

Pros and Cons of Using Denim

Denim is incredibly durable, versatile, and stylish. It can also be customized in many ways to create the perfect look for whatever application.

On the downside, denim can be heavy and difficult to clean if it gets stained or damaged. Additionally, its color choices may be limited depending on the type of fabric you choose.

This fabric has pros and cons but can still be a great option depending on your desired application.

How Much Denim Do You Need?

For clothing items such as jeans, jackets, and skirts, about 2.5-3 meters per piece is usually sufficient.

As for home decor, such as rugs or cushion covers, at least four yards should be allowed for each item. If you are making larger items such as upholstery furniture, a minimum of six yards may be necessary.

Which Denim Will You Use?

Denim is now most commonly seen in jeans but can be used for other garments like skirts, jackets, and shirts. You can also use denim around the house for things like upholstery and drapery. Check out our huge selection of denim fabrics that you can use for your next project!

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