Using Fabrics in Fall Table Settings

Want a way to introduce some fall-like fabric textures without having to reupholster a whole chair? The photo above shows how well fabrics work as fall table settings. The burlap wraps elegantly around the chairs. And the folded fabric makes excellent, easy table runners.

The real star of this setup is the fall-colored plaid. It matches the orange flowers, fall accent leaves at the bottom of the burlap, and pumpkin nicely. And the great thing about orange plaid is that it’s a fabric that works year-round outside of fall table settings. So it would make a nice upholstery option if you really love to decorate for fall.

Want a similar look? Below are some plaid fabrics that are like the one featured in the table setting above. You can also browse all plaid selections here. Another idea is to take a look at the country section, which has foliage patterns, rustic textures, and other natural styles that are perfect for fall.

Red, Orange and Green Plaid


Deep Plaid


Beige, Gold and Coral Plaid


Shop for Fabric for Your Table Setting

While you can use any fabric for your fall table settings, we recommend plaid patterns. Kovi Fabrics offers a massive plaid fabric collection in various colors. Shop our plaid upholstery fabric today!

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