Ivana Trump’s Moorish Style

The mansion above was actually made by architectural legend Addison Mizner in 1921. He built it to be his own home and named it Concha Marina. Then Ivana Trump bought it after her split from Donald Trump around 1990. This exotic Moorish style is perfect for anyone who wants a flair of culture in their home.

If you want to try incorporating some of this Concha Marina Moorish style into your home, you’ll want to look for ornate art and natural tones. You can learn more about the Moorish style here. Below are a few ideas for adding this exotic style to your home.

Fern Green Suede Upholstery Fabric


Ornate Vase


Burgundy and Red Heirloom Upholstery Fabric


Moorish Fixture


Get a Home Like the Concha Marina

Architectural genius Addison Mizner built the oceanside mansion in 1921. It has a unique Moorish style with its design and ornate decor, but also uses natural and tropical colors to represent the beachy vibe.

To get a home like the Concha Marina, you’ll need both ornate art and natural colors. The best way to get those neutral tones is by using the right upholstery fabric. Fortunately, Kovi Fabrics has lots of natural-colored upholstery. We carry fabrics similar to what’s available in Ivana Trump’s home and other trendy styles. Take a look at our newest fabrics.

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