A Cozy and Rustic Wool Chair

One of the trends taking Pinterest by storm is using wool blankets to reupholster chairs, like the piece above. It makes perfect sense. What’s more cozy-looking and feeling than a wool blanket? And on top of that, wool has a sturdy texture that’s a great addition to any chair.

Wool could fit into a number of décor styles. It has a rough, rustic texture to it that makes it great for classic, country, retro or rustic styles. Yet a more ornamented wool blend fabric would be great for more luxury styles.

We currently have several new selections of wool fabrics to browse. You don’t necessarily have to choose the plaid above. Wool comes in a wide array of styles, from solid blue to bright red to fun geometric shapes. Feel free to go classic or modern with wool.

But do you still like the chair above? Willing to try a more rustic, country look? Below are some similar new wool blend fabrics that would look great in a classic décor style. These all have a rustic, rugged look to them.

Green Plaid Fabric


Sullivan Fabric


Broome Fabric


Thompson Fabric


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