Cal Ostlund Uses KOVI in Distinctive Design

An innovative exhibit design company has selected KOVI Fabrics for their exacting upholstery fabric requirements. Cal Ostlund Exhibits, a tradeshow display company based in Kenilworth, New Jersey, has incorporated KOVI Fabrics as part of a special project.

Cal Ostlund will use the recycled leather upholstery fabric for a special exhibit design project that demonstrates the fabric’s versatility beyond its normal sofa and chair applications. The display uses KOVI Fabrics’ recycled leather.

This upholstery material is composed of a post-industrial recycled leather substrate under a polyurethane layer, a unique combination that joins the feel and durability of leather with the workability and color consistency of polyurethane.

“It wasn’t the largest display we’ve ever created, but it is certainly the most intricate,” said Steve Ostlund, vice president for Cal Ostlund. “KOVI Fabrics fit the design perfectly, and working with the people at KOVI is a pleasure.”

Use Kovi’s Recycled Leather in Your Decor

Our recycled leather is perfect for uses other than exhibit design. Our eco-friendly fabrics are the perfect option for reupholstering an old couch or for various DIY projects. We also sell other sustainable leather fabrics, such as vinyl and polyurethane.

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