8 Fabric Crafts Perfect for Christmas

With the last few days until Christmas creeping upon us, it is often a time of decorations and family. So why not combine fabric crafts with the holiday spirit and make some stunning Christmas decorations and fabric trimmings to liven up your home?

A great way to dip your toes into Christmas decorations and fabric crafts is to collect different bits of fabric and trim throughout the year. Then, when the Festive Season rolls around, you and your family can all get in on the act and learn how to make fabric crafts. 

Everyone can make amazing decorations or even homemade gifts to celebrate this time together. 

If you don’t want to head out and buy fabric and trim especially for Christmas time, you can also collect waste off-cut pieces of trim and fabric from many local fabric stores. Grocers and other department stores may also have large canvas banners that they take down throughout the year, and you can easily ask them for these. The options of where you can source creative fabrics are endless. 

Explore different crafts such as these and include your whole family.

8 Perfect Christmas Fabric Crafts

Idea One: Christmas Angels

Use a square piece of lace curtain or a section of organza fabric (alternatively, use an old handkerchief). Place a cotton ball in the middle, then fold the fabric shut around it. Section off the cotton ball by either placing an elastic band or tying it off with a thread. 

Glue some googly eyes on and use metallic pipe cleaners to make a halo and wings for the angel. Finally, add a small looped section of cotton to help you hang the angel from your Christmas tree.

Idea Two: Decorative Mason Jars

If your Christmas list is long and you have many people to give gifts to, this idea can be a real life and budget saver. Use glass jars that you’ve collected throughout the year. Choose some fabric scraps with Christmas colors or patterns and cut a circle about an inch larger than the metal lids. 

Fill the jars with sweets, or if you are a culinary creator, you can make your own preserves or homemade mustard to fill these decorated mason jars. Close the metal lids securely, lay the fabric circle over, tying it in place by pressing down the extra fabric and binding it with a ribbon. Add a few beads or decorative sparkles to complete the Christmas feel. 

Idea Three: Fabric-Covered Notebooks

Why not share something unique that will last forever? A fabric-covered notebook can last a lifetime as a journal or diary. You will need a hardcover notebook of your chosen size to make this special Christmas gift. You will also need enough fabric to cover the book and any trimmings you may want to add. (12 inches of colored ribbon is an excellent choice as a book-tie.)

Lay the fabric flat, place the notebook on it (opened). Cut slips like you would when you cover a book with paper. Use a glue gun to secure the fabric to the hardcover. Next, divide the ribbon equally, seal the ribbon ends by melting these with a lighter. Glue in place with a dab of melted glue. 

Idea Four: A Fabric Flower Bouquet

Giving flowers as a gift is a great idea. Fresh flowers will wilt, but fabric flowers will last a lifetime. Use leftover scraps of paper and fabric as well as some stray buttons and ribbons you may have collected to fold, secure, and decorate these easy fabric flowers. Follow the video to learn how to stiffen fabrics for crafts.

Idea Five: Advent Calendar

Traditionally, the advent calendar has a candy for each day leading up to Christmas. So why not create your own fabric crafts advent calendar? Using a large square of 18 by 18 inches canvas, make a base to glue your advent pockets onto. 

Use several different fabrics that have a Christmas theme or colors. With a pair of sharp scissors, cut 24 squares, one for each day leading to Christmas. Edge each of the pockets with a ribbon or trim, then glue the pockets onto the large canvas backing. 

Choose a wooden dowel stick to keep the fabric calendar open and provide a hanger to keep the calendar on display in your home. Add a date to each pocket with a magic marker or glitter pens. Fill each pocket with sweets and small gifts as part of the Christmas countdown. 

Idea Six: Bookmarks for Christmas Stocking Fillers

Inexpensive stocking fillers are a great treat. Making these fabric bookmarks is an ideal homemade gift to try your hand. You will need a plain colored fabric and a bright or Christmas-themed fabric to make these. 

Measure out a section of one-and-a-half an inch by four inches in the plain and colored fabrics. Cut the edges with zig-zag or texturized scissors. Lay the two materials atop each other. Sew the edges with a sewing machine using a zig-zag stitch or thread the edges with a ribbon and a sharp needle. 

Finish off the bookmark by cutting a V-point at one of the shortest ends. Glue a ribbon or other trim, such as a single tassel, to the tip of the V. 

Idea Seven: Padded Christmas Wreath

Sewing your own padded Christmas wreath is no easier than 1, 2, 3. Simply choose three fabrics that have a distinct Christmas feel. Then, sew three long cylindrical socks from each of the fabrics. Finally, fill with stuffing or polyester batting. A great tip is to include some yummy cinnamon sticks or a few cloves to give that Christmas scent to the final design. 

Once the fabric tubes are fully stuffed, you can begin to braid them together, form the wreath and finish off the design with a few colorful Christmas baubles. 

Idea Eight: Christmas Envelope Pillow Covers

Christmas is a bright time, and having custom-made pillow covers to brighten your everyday home is a great idea. Using bright reds, greens, and golden trim, you can effortlessly create an envelope pillow cover to add to your existing pillows. Best of all, you can even combine this with other crafts such as painting and add Christmas details to a plain colored fabric cover. 

The Final Craft

Fabric crafts are a fun way to bring families closer. You don’t always need to sew or use a sewing machine as you can achieve stunning results with a glue gun or by tying fabrics together. So, begin collecting now for next year’s round of crafts and make the silly season fun for all. 

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