Fabrics for Home Décor: Some Additional Tips

The importance of fabrics in interior design cannot be stressed enough. That is why we have written yet another post called Embroidered Fabrics on using them for home décor. And while we will offer some decoration tips, this article will focus more on informing you on how to find the best fabric.

Names Can Be Confusing

To start off, the layperson can easily be confused by the slew of fabric names out there, such as satin, wool, and Dacron. The confusion occurs because these names can refer to:

  • The construction of the fabric
  • It’s weave
  • The brand name

Then you should also be aware of the specialized fabric types, such as embroidered and quilted fabrics. The former are more popular as a handcrafted technique but it can also be manufactured with machines. Names Can Be Confusing

On Visiting a Showroom

If you are ‘design-savvy’, you will immediately know whether a fabric showroom is worth your time or not. After perusing through the collection and scanning material based on qualities like color, width, and fiber content, you can additionally take strips of each fabric and keep them with you for future reference. Usually these strips have a card attached to them which denotes, among other things, the manufacturer and the price. Of course, when you are looking for home décor fabrics online, the job becomes much easier.

On Using Florals

When we are talking about home décor and fabric design, we simply can’t gloss over florals. While solids and geometrics prints are in vogue in the home décor market, floral designs are making a comeback. And along with traditional designs, you can also get minimalist patterns as well. In fact, new florals are coming in so many innovative designs that you will find something amazing for every room of your house. A helpful tip in this regard is to use prints that alter the size of the flowers they depict. For example, when it comes to drapes or bed linens, make sure that you pick patterns where the flowers are portrayed to be larger than their actual size. Even 200% is fine. Remember, it is all about catching people’s attention. On the other hand, when you are using floral prints for accent pillows, the flowers will obviously need to be printed on a smaller scale. They will still look modern. On Using Florals   The key to selecting the best floral print for home décor is to go for something that appeals to you personally. Some people like the shapes and silhouettes of actual flowers like roses, while others may go for something ‘greener’, in the sense of stems and leaves. Of course, no one is stopping from mixing the two, which is actually a great idea! Experiment is essential, and you should try unusual color palettes like violet and black along with the traditional pinks and greens. You can then use these patterns on your furniture upholstery, and if you don’t want florals on for your draperies and bedding, you can still use an oversize bold print for a headboard.

Get High Quality Fabrics Today

Once again, remember that choosing the right kind of fabric is one of the best ways to enhance your interior, as it allows you to pull out colors, coordinate textures and have lots of options for furnishings and accessories. KOVI understands the value of fabrics in home décor. In fact, KOVI Home Décor was launched for the sole purpose of helping people incorporate beautiful fabrics while decorating their homes. Our line of decorative home goods features our most beautiful patterns in different sizes and style options. Plus all our products are fully customizable. So if you are looking for new ways to use fabric to brighten up your home, let KOVI be your guide.

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