Focal Point: Feng Shui and the Art of Home Décor

Think about something you love, let’s say your favorite perfume. You like it because it has one essential quality that other fragrance products lack, which makes this perfume memorable. The same goes for your favorite food and even the music you listen to.

When we are talking about a room, this essential feature is known as the focal point. When you enter someone’s home, you will notice things that immediately catch your attention:

  • A fireplace
  • A bookcase
  • A statue
  • An antique record player

Along with serving a superb aesthetic purpose, these focal points actually compel you to make a remark, thereby initiating a conversation.

What about your hallway or living room? If people enter and do not notice anything, the room either completely lacks a decent focal point or you haven’t arranged the most prominent items in the room in a positive manner. If that is the case, you are missing out on the amazing potential that a focal point offers.

That is why if you have been following our blog, you will have noticed that we stress creating a ‘focal point’ in a room while imparting home décor tips. Today we will discuss why this focal point is so important and also add a couple of extra tips as well. Read on to find out more.

What Does Feng Shui Have to Do With All This?

If you study the ancient science of Feng Shui, you will notice that many of its principles to balance energies inside physical structures are widely used in interior design. The Ying-Yan principle of Feng Shui has become an accepted term in popular culture, and it simply means that a particular space needs to have a balance of both active and passive energies. This applies to both your home and your workplace.

What does Feng Shui Have to do With All This

Another known Feng Shui concept is the flow of Chi (Universal Energy). A room decorated on Feng Shui principles ensures that this energy is guided harmoniously by the proper arrangement of various decor items in the room. This calls for the creation of various focal points in the room. Focal points that can achieve this include something as simple as a well-positioned artwork or even a fresh green plant in an attractive pot.

To sum up, a focal point is a concentration of Feng Shui energies. These points make the room alive and give it a unique ambiance. If a room has no focal point, Feng Shui teaches that there will be an imbalance in the active and passive energies, thereby destroying the purpose of the room.

Interesting Ideas for Focal Points

To recap, a focal serves the following purposes:

  • Attracts interest and attention in a room
  • Draw people’s eyes and impresses them with the décor of the room
  • Creates a mood or theme that will define the emotional impact the room is intended to project

This will help us ascertain what we can do in our own homes. One of the best ideas in this regard is to place a beautiful portrait on a wall that has a historical theme, such as 18th-century New York. This will be immediately noticeable, and it will also define the mood of a room.

Ultimately it will make the room visually impressive and inviting. Just make sure you choose a painting with the appropriate scale for your space, in tones that stand out and draw the eye in but don’t be at odds with the rest of the room. For instance, one large art piece will look superb when set against a neutral wall and furniture. The frame of the painting itself can be a focal point as well.

Interesting Ideas for Focal Points

Then there are architectural features like a fireplace, as noted above. A fireplace not only has a visual appeal, but it also helps you align other decorative items in the room, such as upholstered furniture. But here, it is essential that you get the size of the architectural element right. If it is too big, it can look out of place.

Likewise, if it”s too small, other items will become the focal point, taking the limelight away from the main feature.

Moving on, color can be a powerful tool when decorating a room. Simply by changing a wall, trim, or carpeting color, you can actually transform the entire look or mood of a room. So if you want to draw attention to a particular area of the room, use color to get people’s focus on it.

Of course, having something lavish like a grand piano is a guaranteed way of getting attention, but don’t be fooled into thinking that the focal point of a room has to be grandiose or large in size. It can be something as simple as a crafted ocean-blue globe or even accent pillows on your furniture.

Remember, it is the quality of the focal point’s visual display that is impressive rather than the amount of space it occupies in the room.

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