Home Décor for the Season: Tips to Brighten Up your House this Spring

Updating your home décor and trying out new designs is always a pleasant experience. And when better to try out these new ideas than with spring decor?

As it has been reiterated several times on our blog, home décor doesn’t necessitate exhausting yourself physically and straining yourself financially (in fact, we have dedicated an entire post on Home Décor on a Budget on cost-effective home décor methods).

Meanwhile, here are some tips to give your place a ‘touch-up’ this spring:

Relive a Memory

Nothing beats vintage. It can be your grandfather’s clock, or books that have been lying in your attic. Bring them out, dust them, and put them in a showcase for everyone to see. It can also be an old family picture that you can get framed.

Relive a Memory

Note: If going with the book idea, a great way to go about it is to arrange your books by color.

Bring in Plant Life

Plants, especially flowers, not only add beauty to any room of the house, but they also bring in the most pleasant fragrance. The best way to go about this is to get some a new vase or two in line with the spring season (colors like teals and pinks). This will look great in your living room, or on a table in the hallway.

If you are up for it, you can try growing something indoors. Options include:

  • Lemon balm
  • Snake plant
  • Peace lily
  • Philodendron
  • Spider plant
  • Jade plant

Placing one of these in a colorful pot will give a natural touch to your room, and it will also be a source of clean air.

Get ‘Cool’ Dinnerware

Get dinnerware, napkins, and runners in a blue shade. Apart from the aesthetic benefits, you will feel a lot cooler mentally simply by their blue-hue. You can also go for similar colored:

Speaking of Pillows…

You can easily bring the spring feel inside your living room or bedroom with floral-patterned accent pillows. You can get decorative pillow covers (or even have customized ones) for loft-down or feather-down pillow inserts.

Attractive Lighting Fixtures

You cannot brighten up your home without proper lighting. That is why it is a great idea to get fixtures like decorative lamps and bulb covers. You should also go for LED light bulbs. These cost less, have a bright light, are durable (and pay for themselves down the road); and unlike the traditional bulbs we use, LEDs don’t transfer that much heat. You also have the eco-friendly Eco-friendly Home Décor benefit here.

Use Some Fabrics

Think your bedding needs change? Go for a total makeover. Floral designs, once again, will go well with your pillow cases, bed skirt, and duvet. You can further use fabrics to enhance your bedroom design by getting upholstered headboards, and an ottoman or sofa to match it.

Other Accessories

We have already talked about clocks, dinnerware, and lamps, but there are several other accessories that fall within your home spring makeover plans. These include frame, trays, and candleholders made of metals like brass, copper, and gold. In this way, you combine style with functionality. Not to mention, they serve as great conversation starters.

Other Accessories

Things to Remember

Before ending this piece, we could like to point to a few ‘mistakes’ homeowners make when decorating their homes. Let us face it: none of us are professional designers. But by taking care of these simple things, we can ensure that our home décor efforts don’t go in vain.

  • You need to have a strategy, a road map of how to get things done
  • When possible, avoid the matching game and try mixing different colors, textures, and patterns to avoid boredom a few days later
  • Instead of painting your walls first and then trying to find matching/contrasting furniture or pillows, go the other way round.

Finally and most importantly, do not get lured into purchasing something that may look attractive to you (or something that is on sale), but has no relevance to your home design plans. That is why we advise you to have a strategy in place so that everything falls right into place so that your home feels fresh in spring, and so do you. Good luck!

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