Switching Textiles Seasonally

Does anyone else have that one closet in their house full of seasonal fabric? You can find decorative pillow covers, tablecloths, blankets, table runners, napkins, and more in this closet! Everything is organized by season, and they sit in the closet all year, waiting for their turn to shine. 

Home decor trends come and go, but our favorite textiles make an appearance once a year, and we get to enjoy them all over again! To some, this might sound like a tedious way to plan for seasonal decor. For us, it’s the perfect way to refresh our space each season without having to overthink it. 

There’s a sentimental value to using seasonal fabric in your home. You create memories year after year with these colors and patterns around, and each time you bring them back out, you’re reminded of those special moments.

Planning For The Seasons

We have some ideas for how you can build your seasonal decor setup. No, you don’t have to dedicate an entire closet in your home to it. Simply begin with your favorite season on holiday and then go from there. A few themes to consider when shopping for textiles:

  • Winter
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Spring
  • Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Summer
  • Fourth of July
  • Fall
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

This shortlist should get some ideas flowing on what your ideal fabric selection would look like. As for colors, what would work best with your foundational home decor? What color is your furniture, walls, artwork, etc.?

Play with the idea of pairing these seasonal or holiday colors into your space. What do you think would look best with your current color palette? Here are a few color palette ideas to get you started:

  • Blue & Green
  • Red & Pink
  • Green & Red
  • Blue & White
  • Red & Yellow
  • Orange & Brown

Many of the color palettes above are heavily associated with a season or holiday. Some of these could blend effortlessly into your home, and some might provide a lot of contrast. This isn’t the same as shopping for an Easter basket, and this gets to be custom, so we want you to include colors and patterns you love and can enjoy for years to come.

What To Look For In Seasonal Textiles

The options are endless when it comes to textile pattern, color, and design. We encourage you to think about meaningful colors or designs that symbolize each holiday or season for you and your family. 

Switching out the sofa throw pillows at Christmas will always remind you of that Christmas morning feeling. When setting the table with the Spring placemats and napkins, you won’t be able to avoid that comforting feeling of family meals around the table. 

Patterns and textiles may just be decorations, but they can become an integral part of our everyday lives. So what are you looking for in your seasonal textiles? What meaningful connections are you looking to make between the holidays, your family, and the way in which you enjoy your home?

Trading Traditional 

Let’s think outside the box and visualize alternative color palettes for seasonal decor. If you’re comfortable with the traditional colors of each season or holiday, you’re set! For some, it’s important to consider how the color could alter the look of our current upholstery, so we’re discussing options for how to approach each holiday or season.


This time of year can be all things red, green, and bright all-over. We might enjoy seeing this when we leave the house, but what about the three months you’re hosting in your home or enjoying a cozy night in? What would you want this to look like? 

Here are a few color palette ideas for your Winter/Christmas holiday decor:

  • Green, White, Brown
  • Blue, White, Green
  • Brown, Tan, White
  • Brown, Purple, Green
  • Purple, Pink, Green

We pulled together material options to help you brainstorm ideas for your Winter textiles:

  • A funky pattern for the muted purple and brown crowd: D6604 Cocoa
  • Deep purple will pair well with your cream and neutral decor: KV484 Eggplant
  • Tacky turns traditional with this forest green and white pattern: K3748 ALPINE/TRELLIS

Spring/Valentine’s Day/Easter

When working with multiple holidays and colors within such a short period of time, it’s ok to mix the different color palettes together. This will make it easier to switch out your decor!

Color palettes to consider:

  • Pink, Red, Green
  • Pink, White, Green
  • Yellow, Pink, White
  • Yellow, White, Purple
  • Blue, Pink, Yellow

Here are three patterns we think you’d like for Spring:

Summer/Fourth of July

Not everyone is into bright colors for summer, and that’s ok! We have some ideas of how to utilize a sophisticated color palette in place of the standard rainbow hues. 

Color palettes for a tailored summer style:

  • Yellow & Green
  • Blue & Yellow
  • Pink & White
  • Blue & White
  • Green & Blue

Three materials we suggest you browse for your Summer textile wardrobe:

  • Modern green and yellow textile with a nostalgic mid-mod feel: K0509 Epic/Capri
  • Step away from the standard stripe with this mix of green, yellow, and orange: C2795 Teal
  • The perfect blue and white outdoor material: K0990 Indigo Inca


Autumnal shades are comforting and warm but will they combine with your existing home decor? Take a look at these color palette ideas to see which one would best work for your home.

Color options to cozy up to next Fall:

  • Cream & Brown
  • Cream & Rust
  • Navy & Rust
  • Black & Cream
  • Brown & Black

A few textiles we recommend for your autumn seasonal upholstery:

Q & A

Question: How many times should you update your home decor each year? 

Answer: Updating your seasonal decor is entirely up to you! Consider which seasons or holidays are your favorite. Some people prefer to change decor with the season, and some like to include minor updates during their preferred holidays. 

Question: If I don’t have a closet to store seasonal decor, how can I maintain seasonal upholstery swaps?

Answer: Pair down how many items you update each season or consider alternative storage options. You can place your seasonal fabric upholstery in bins under a bed or inside a garage or laundry room. 

Question: Do you need to switch textiles seasonally to have a well-decorated home? 

Answer: Absolutely not! There are so many ways to make your home unique and a reflection of the people that inhabit it. We love textiles here at Kovi and encourage you to use them however it feels right. 

Question: Where can I purchase textiles online? 

Answer: You can find hundreds of textile options right here at Kovi! We have material for every budget or style and can’t wait to see what you choose! Head on over to our homepage, where you can sort materials based on fabric type, pattern, color, and application.

Seasonal Fabric Refresh

In a world full of seasonal figurines, signs, and yard art, it’s nice to know so many individuals are creating seasonal fabric timepieces to honor family traditions and create new ones. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your family’s special moments!

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