Bye Bye Winter, Hello Spring – Warm Your Home With Floral Print Fabrics

Well, it happened again. That darn groundhog saw his shadow and went back to bed — forecasting another six weeks of winter. Ugh. If you’re like us, you’re ready for a bit of springtime. Now.

Glorious springtime. A world in bloom. Bursting with colors, the sights and sounds of life returning, and — best of all — flowers. All due respect to the predictions of that prognosticating marmot who’s welcome to his six more weeks of shivering slumber. But we think a little springtime splendor is in order.

Until you can get outdoors again, what better way to feel some of those springtime vibes inside than with floral upholstery. In big ways and small, floral prints add a botanical blast to any home or office.

They add personality, life, and a hint of springtime freshness year-round. Bold? Well, yes. But, done right, bold lifts the energy of a space rather than dominating it — amping up the inviting and dialing down the dull. 

And our floral fabrics are always in full bloom with prints and patterns ranging from dramatic to delicate and all points between. There’s sure to be something that inspires the springtime in you. Today let’s shake off the winter chill and look at some inspiration and ideas for incorporating a burst of botanicals and the freshness of florals into your upholstery decor.

Dream Your Way To The Perfect Floral Print Fabrics For Your Home

Now, we get it. The idea of floral upholstery can quickly conjure up images of your grandmother’s overdone decor, floor-to-ceiling flowers, and furniture covered in plastic. This isn’t that. (Btw, mad love, grandma. You do you.)

This is about what inspires you. Start where we start everything these days, of course. Google. Let your fingers have an adventure. Flit and flow from far off land to far off land. Take a moment to stop and smell the roses. Okay, maybe not actually smell them, but you get the point. What makes you smile? Or gives you a deep breath and a moment of ooh and aah.

Hop over to your favorite travel site. Let your mind (and browser) wander and wonder a bit. Or pull up your pics from that vacation a while back that just knocked your socks off. Incorporating the boldness of botanicals works because of how it works for you. It’s not about hard and fast rules so much as it’s about what moves you.

Getting the idea? 

Maybe you’re transported by the tropical tones of the Hawaiian islands. You might be jonesing for a bit of those luscious landscapes teeming with exotic adventure. Bring that vibe inside with a Tropical patterned cotton and linen performance fabric. Or maybe the gentility of something that feels more like a secret garden tucked away in the countryside is calling you, vines brimming with wildflowers offering a peaceful warm embrace. A lovely Indigo Blue floral cotton fabric will be just the thing to evoke those feelings.

Let’s try one more. Sometimes the winter whiteout has you longing less for sunshine and flowers and more for the simple, beauty of foliage — the greens of new leafy life. You can almost feel the gentle breeze and hear the joyous rustle of the leaves. Bring that deep breath inside with Spring, a foliage patterned jacquard fabric in green.

Floral and botanical prints don’t need to be intimidating as upholstery decor. Just like your favorite souvenir enshrined on your mantle or bookshelf reminds you wistfully of some long-ago adventure, start with what you’d like to feel from that fabric. And that starts with a little bit of dreaming.

Springtime Anytime — Floral Upholstery Ideas To Fit Your Design Style

Now that you’re dialing into some warm and friendly springtime dreams, let’s talk about how to actually use fabrics with floral and botanical prints and patterns in your interior design. We’ll look at three levels of possibilities and how to best use floral upholstery fabrics as a feature, frame, or finishing touch.

As with any other potentially bold patterns, it’s important to meet your space where it is. Is your space already dressed up in decadent patterns and accents? Or is it largely solids whether neutral or otherwise?

Feature With Floral Fabrics

Let’s say your room decor is mostly pale neutral tones and you’d like to bring in some floral freshness. Add an armchair or reupholster your favorite reading chair in a bright and calming floral embroidered fabric like our Bluejay. It’ll provide a beautiful accent without being an eyesore. 

Or maybe you have a room that’s already decked out in lush patterns but with a loveseat that’s needing a little… well… love. How about leaning into a bold burgundy-colored, textured foliage patterned fabric like Ruby Garden — simultaneously bringing a richness and crackle to the room. 

Frame With Floral Fabrics

Sleep in a floral embrace by (re)upholstering your headboard, letting you drift off to dreamland in scented memories and the warmth of a spring day. Try this elegant, traditional Azure floral. Take an otherwise muted or simple solids bedroom style to a whole enchanting new level.

Look out into the world through windows dressed in drapes that bring you into one of those nurturing natural settings you were feeling earlier. Add a gorgeous rich accent to an otherwise bright room. Try framing your windows out in a Damask style abstract botanical patterned fabric in deep blue tones like our Delft Meadow. Your windows will be fringed with tropical foliage feels.

Finish With Floral Fabrics

Last but never least, throw pillows. Whoever thought cake was worth eating without icing must’ve never tried decent icing. Pillows are the icing on your interior design cake. More on point with today’s fawning-over-florals exploration, throw pillows are the romance and roses, the delight and the daisies, the shimmer and the sunflowers of your interior design. 

Add throw pillows to a sofa or chair that’s already popping with patterns by leaning into lightly textured solids with a subtle print like Garden, a vintage, small-scale floral patterned fabric in off-white. Or if your space is mostly simple solids, bring some springtime energy and pizazz with a tropical twist. Make it Malibu with a floral, tropically patterned fabric designed for use indoors or outdoors.

The Springtime Anytime Superpower Of Floral Fabrics In Your Hands

Don’t let that grumpy ole groundhog get you down. The warmth and feels of springtime are never far away. There’s a floral and/or botanical print fabric out there for you just bursting with possibilities for ways to beat those winter blues. And the power of upholstery in your hands can be as small as a basic throw pillow or as grand as a wraparound sofa. It’s up to you.

It all starts with daydreaming about what kind of natural vibe vibes with you. Then letting the fabrics you choose do what they do best and bring emotion, energy, and pops of springtime to your world anytime. 

And with the wide variety of florals and botanicals we have wilding around our pages, we’re always here to help you get the perfect upholstery fabric to fit your design dreams. We love being the easy part of getting the look and feel of your home or office just right. 

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