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All of us have been to a flea market at one time or another. Spring is here, and these shops will open once again for business in your locality. But have you considered that a flea market can virtually be your one-shop-stop for home decor and upholstered furniture?

The thing about flea markets is that you never know what to find. Sometimes you have a certain design in your head, but you can’t fully conceptualize it until you find that antique art piece or some unique furniture set and go, voila!

So if you want to save cash while making your home look beautiful, head out to a flea market right away. And to help you find the best items for home decor, we noted down some useful tips.

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The Best Time to Hit a Flea Market

As mentioned at the outset, flea markets tend to thrive around springtime. You also find them in vogue during winters, but then the chill and the snow might get in the way of your thrifty adventures! Make no mistake about it; unless you have luck on your side, you will have to spend significant time in a flea market to find that decorative element of choice.

What we are saying is that now is the best time to visit these shops and ensure you are there just as they open so that you know what is on display. When you come later during the day, you will mostly find stuff that avid shoppers have left, and that, too, you get at relatively higher prices.

Good News for Art Buffs

Flea market regulars and even some interior designers have noted that people have no idea what they simply throw away, for you can actually find signed pieces by noteworthy artists from yesteryears. If you are into art (or have taken art history courses), you have a significant advantage over the average flea market explorer.

Even if what you are getting is an impressive knockoff, the artistic touch it will add to your home is worth it.


Antique Accessories

If you are looking for something retro, you may find your money’s worth in a single flea market. Often, these shops exhibit lamps, coffee tables, upholstered furniture, and other related from as early as 1900.

We have earlier Home Décor for the Season noted that having something from the past exhibited in your walkway or living room is not only a great conversation starter, but it can also serve as a focal point in the room.

So get something antique. Make a statement.

But don’t forget that you need to maintain a balance between vintage art pieces, accessories, or furniture and your contemporary living space. Only one piece in the room will do the trick, for you don’t want your guests to mistake your living room for a museum.

Old Upholstered Furniture

In our article Eco-Friendly Home Décor, we mentioned how it is not always wise to discard furniture with old upholstery. In the context of flea markets, we say that it’s not a good idea to forego furniture pieces even if their fabric is worn out. Why? Simply because the fabric can be replaced.

With the kind of prices you have at flea markets, you can get new fabric stitched in and still possibly spend less money than if you were to buy new furniture upholstery.

mismatched red chairs matching kravet upholstery brian patrick flynn

Financial Advice

Now that you know how to be creative with home decor at a flea market, here are some tips on getting the greatest value for your money:

  • When you buy in bulk, i.e. get multiple items from the same vendor, you can always leverage a discount
  • Stay cool while bargaining. You may be an artist, but getting worked up and insulting the vendor isn’t going to help. He may get personal and may refuse you to sell just for spite!
  • Carry cash, for that also gives you leverage in negotiation.


Before you head out to buy that 19th-century vinyl record player, you should know that there is something that a flea market can never offer you: custom design.

This is what you will only find at reputable home decor manufacturers like KOVI. Each of our pieces can be customized or specifically designed to suit your needs and incorporate different textures and colors. Our designers will work with you closely and will not rest until you get that desired look.

Contact us today to get started.

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