Spring Textile Design Inspiration

Switching out your home decor seasonally might sound a bit extreme to some, but we’ve found that many design lovers live for it! It’s almost like decorating for a holiday, except it lasts three months and blends more seamlessly into your decor. At this time, we’re just a few weeks away from Spring, so you know we’re going to chat about our future decor and Spring fabric plans.

We have visions of florals, stripes, and fruity motifs going into Spring. We’re envisioning the classic pastels mixed with rich green hues and pops of reds and oranges. What are your go-to colors for Spring? Are you into pastels, or do you prefer bright whites, preppy stripes, or even playful patterns? 

We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve of how you can make minor Spring updates around your home with a significant impact! Stick around to see how spring fabric can make all the difference in refreshing your space for the new season.

Pattern At Play

When we think of Spring, our minds immediately go to beautiful, detailed textiles. There are a number of pattern styles to reference when prepping for your Spring fabric update, and we’ve narrowed down our top choices:


It would be silly to mention Spring fabric without referencing florals. Some might consider this a bit repetitive, but there’s a reason we incorporate nature’s rhythms into our design. It just works! Summer feels sunny, yellow, and warm. Autumn reminds us of earth-toned browns and oranges. Winter is green and white, and you get the point, seasons matter!

If you’re a fan of florals and looking for something new this Spring, we recommend the modern pink pattern of M7451 Blush. This blush-toned matchbook design would work well with traditional as well as trendy decor styles.


We went a bit outside the box with this one. Everybody has seen the infamous blue and white stripe. 

It’s perfect, it’s a classic, and we love to incorporate it into all areas of design. However, we’re here to mix things up, so we pulled a crowd favorite here at Kovi; D2701 Moss. The flame stitch style of these stripes creates additional contrast, making it a unique choice for your next upholstery project.

One way to play with trendy stripes is to select a Spring fabric with multiple stripe color options. The material we selected has a background or field color of cream. On top are five alternating shades of green with varying thicknesses. This material will appear as a traditional striped textile from a distance, and as you get closer, you’ll see the variety in color and stripe width.

Nothing against the classic stripe, we’re just excited to push design boundaries this Spring and highlight textiles you may not have specified on your own. 


2022 Spring fabric forecasting has shown a lot of patterns, especially that which includes fruit! Visions of vintage tea towels in your grandmother’s kitchen might sway you with this trend but trust us; it’s rising in popularity again. Fruit motifs range from Tuscan style art to block print textiles and everything in between.

In the United States, pineapples are revered as a sign of hospitality. If you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to incorporate these patterns into your Spring refresh, look no further than a simple embroidered design. While the bright yellow and green designs might not be for everyone, it’s hard to turn down the sweet style of K2187 PINEAPPLE GROVE.

Color Theory 

Now that you’ve got some ideas swirling around which pattern to choose, we’re moving on to the color selection. 

Few things stir up emotion as quickly as our connection to color. As humans, we associate so much of our identity with color. 

From where we went to school to where we work as adults. We develop emotions around color in both positive and negative scenarios and this trickles down into the colors we choose to wear and bring into our homes. 


What was once seen as old and stuffy is now fresh and new again. Lilac and lavender are especially popular going into Spring of 2022 and are being incorporated into fashion and Spring fabric trends. So how do you include this Easter staple into a future upholstery project? 

We’ve talked about interior design style as seasons before. As in, your personal style will usually reflect one of the four seasons. If your style most aligns with Spring, Summer, or Winter, then incorporating moments of pastel purple will be a breeze! 

If you’re more of an autumn-hued lover, consider blending in a pastel yellow into the mix. Adding new Spring textile designs doesn’t have to be complicated; work with what you’ve got! We see so many fellow design lovers get frustrated when they think everything has to change in their home to achieve the desired look, nonsense! 

Adjusting your home decor seasonally should be easy and fun. Your core decor items (everything that carries you year-round, such as furniture) should reflect your preferred design style, and the seasonal decor will revolve around it. When making your Spring update, don’t forget to consider some of our other favorite pastels, such as pink or blue. 


Is it just us, or does everyone and their mother suddenly have house plants? We didn’t give green much thought until out-of-the-blue everyone we know had various shades living within their homes. To be fair, Spring fabric is all about green! A season about renewal reminds us that maybe a decor refresh is in the cards this year.

Just because you picked up a plant during your weekly grocery shop doesn’t mean you’re ready to dive in and reupholster your favorite lounge chair; we get it. 

On the flip side, one could argue that green will always work with your decor because of the outdoors. Unless you live in the desert or a big city, you probably look out your window and see grass or trees or plants. Is there a way you could bring this into your space? Absolutely!

Green can vary in tone, so this is the perfect time to reference the seasonal decor theory again. If your style is more cool-toned, like Winter or spring, choose cool-toned greens. A warm-toned green would work best if you gravitate toward more summer or Autumnal hues. 

Reds & Oranges

In years passed, we’ve seen many people turn away from color in their home decor choices. Many have opted for the creams and browns, and we’re not mad at it, but things are about to change. This Spring, you can count on a resurgence of reds and oranges. 

Decorating around such bold colors can feel a bit like a design challenge. How do we bring these bright pops into what has been a potentially very neutral space? For us, upholstery is always the go-to! Update your space with a beautiful throw pillow or refresh your bedspread! These are more minor changes that can, over time, make a more significant impact.

For example, you might just begin to enjoy the colorful additions so much that you want to do more. Reds and oranges fit into all seasons of color but especially Spring fabric 2022. 

Q & A

Question: What is the easiest way to update my home for Spring?

Answer: Add in smaller decor pieces throughout your space that reflects the season for you. This can look like updating your tablescape, entryway decor, and living area upholstery. There’s a long list of spring fabric options at Kovi that will fit your style! 

Question: I’m having a difficult time choosing a spring textile for my season update. How do I choose?

Answer: We referenced a few pattern and color options above but want you to focus on something you love that will efficiently work with what you already have. If your home has more neutrals and you’re not yet ready to make the jump into color, bring in stripe or floral patterns that allude to Spring with a less literal interpretation. Do what works for you! Having great design doesn’t mean abandoning what you love. 

Question: How do I decorate for Spring without pastels? 

Answer: If you’re someone who prefers neutrals, refer to the question above. If you’re someone who loves color, you can either try out the red and orange trend of Spring 2022 or go green! We’ve found that green seems to be the perfect transition color for those moving away from neutrals or just embracing the seasonal decor update. 

Mixing Up Spring Fabric

Getting outside your comfort zone is part of creating great design. If you’re playing with the concept of updating your decor seasonally, we’re here to support you! 

When you decide to mix and match patterns and colors in your Spring fabric, we’re going to be so proud. We can’t wait to see what you create next! We can’t wait to see what you create next! 

Either way, we hope this article gave you a few ideas to build your confidence while refreshing your home for the Spring.

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