Turning Over a New Leaf: Autumn Fabrics To Fall For In Your Home

Pumpkin spice lattes are back. Heck, pumpkin spice everything is back. That can only mean one thing — fall is back! And if you’re someone who loves all things warm and cozy and greets autumn with a giant bear hug, fall fabric trends have your name written all over them.

We can’t help you with your Halloween costume or your Thanksgiving dinner planning, but we can for sure help you turn over a new leaf in your home’s interior design upholstery vibe. Today we’ll walk you through what colors, textures, and overall styles are trending. And we’ll offer you some suggestions that can help you add some autumn spice to your home. 

Autumnal Fabric Colors That Add To Your Home’s Warmth And Welcome

When you think of feeling cozy, what kind of colors come to mind? Neon pink and yellow? Flashy tones with pop and zing? Not in my hot cocoa, thank you very much. 

Fall is a time most folks are starting to see temperatures drop, dusting off their warmer clothes, and settling in for some snuggly. Same with your Fall fabric. Think warm earth tones like browns, rusty reds, golden yellows, and warm beige and cream. And rich saturated jewel tones like emerald green, deep blues, and citron yellows.

In your upholstery, that might mean a sofa in a spice brown tweed or a rusty burgundy red. Or it can mean armchairs with latte beige-toned linen or eclipse blue performance velvet. Give curtains that deep autumn vibe in rich caramel gold. Just think warm and inviting. That’s what’s for you.

Fall Fabric Textures To Give You That Snuggly Cozy Fireside Feeling

The trend in 2022 was already about comfort and softness. Heading into fall, double down on all of that. Choose soft and cozy — have we mentioned cozy?

Think about it this way. Have you ever had the experience of running into a friend or loved one who’s wearing some luxurious feeling sweater or shirt? You just want to keep touching it. It becomes almost a comical feature of the conversation, how snuggly the person becomes. That’s what we’re after but for your home. Yes, please, right?

Try reupholstering your headboard in soothing gold chartreuse velvet or microfiber in jade green. Get those cushy feels with furniture dressed in chenille in a rich color like denim dark blue or a soft earthy neutral like acorn brown damask fabric.

Or take your existing furniture and add throw pillows or just new seasonal shams in something like a cinnabar orange-brown silky linen. If it’s a fabric that has a texture you can’t get enough of touching, it’s a winner.

The Power Of Upholstery Patterns To Let Your Personality Shine

It’s an interesting time when it comes to patterns. The multitude of challenges of the last few years have changed the way we approach our homes. (More on that in a moment.) The result is an intersection of opposites that may all at once seem paradoxical and also land like, “No, duh.” 

First, less is more. You want your space to be warm and welcoming, but not overly full and cluttered. Keep things simple, functional, and personal. Also, more is more. Maximalism is magic. The magic is that it’s — fundamentally — you loving what you love and turning the experience of what you love up to an 11 in your home.

Then entering your home becomes a deeper experience of you for you and your guests. Which we think is pretty beautiful.

So, play with patterns. And go big within those textures and colors we’ve explored. It’s about whatever strikes your fancy.

Are you loving something like an Aubergine Antionette heirloom jacquard with earthy browns, greens, and purples? Go for it. Take a space and use it on furniture, curtains, and wallpaper. Same with a novelty tapestry fabric like our Passport cotton blend for furniture in a room with your love of travel as a theme.

You can go all-in with those approaches or simply add accents like a loveseat in a retro lodge-vibe espresso brown, black, and taupe plaid damask. 

Whatever patterns are calling you, don’t be shy about it. Let yourself play with a bit of maximalism, and your space will be feeling more like you and more like where you want to be.

Let Your Home’s Style Work For You And The Way You Live A Life You Love

Here’s a theme we suspect we’ll all be hearing about on a pretty regular basis for the foreseeable future (and with good reason): “What the pandemic taught us is…”

In this case, what the pandemic taught us is that your home needs to work for you and needs to reflect who you are and the life you want for yourself. Because you live there, sure. But also just in case, hypothetically, you need to stay there for long periods of time unexpectedly. (Hard to imagine, we know. *wink*)

This requires creating spaces that easily shift from living space to office, classroom, home gym, or other uses. It also means offering yourself natural elements, textures, and patterns that bring the outdoors inside. And creating outdoor spaces that feel like being indoors when you’re outside.

As fall settles in, that can mean outdoor upholstery that’s cozy and up to the challenge, so you’re all set for those autumn happy hours with friends around the fire pit.

And outside of adding plants to your home’s interior, you can get more of that look through curtains, accent pillows, or full pieces of furniture upholstered in prints like floral, foliage, and tropical patterns. So as the temperatures fall, you can still feel lush and warm in your office/gym/classroom, etc.

This fall, take some time to look at how adding a few fabric flourishes can make your home all the more your home for the snuggly days and nights ahead. And don’t go it alone. We’re here to help. Reach out today.

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