Get Maria Bello’s Craftsman Look

The Craftsman-style home of actress Maria Bello certainly isn’t lacking in charm. Highlights of the dining room above include refinished wood flooring, deep chocolate walls, and persimmon swag drapes.

The rustic table, vintage blue cabinet, and distressed mirror frame give the home of Maria Bello a classic feel that shows off handmade beauties, true to the Craftsman style. Pops of red and blue in the deep brown background also give the area character, while clean white furniture in the living room matches the ceiling and molding.

If you’d like to get this classic look for your home, below are some ideas for replicating Bello’s Craftsman-style look.

The key is to focus on rustic wood tones, distressed antiques, and surprising pops of color (perhaps bright red on some chairs, for instance). Cream, white, and chocolate wall/ceiling paint will round out this classic look.  Some of these styles are hard to find due to their antique nature, so don’t be afraid to go DIY.  Otherwise, the antique store is your friend.

Natural White Vinyl Upholstery Fabric


DIY Distressed Mirror Frame Technique


Poppy Red Suede Upholstery Fabric


DIY Rustic Wood Table


Did the Home of Maria Bello Inspire You?

Maria Bello use the Craftsman style to design her gorgeous home. You can get the same look with the right decor and fabric. But first, let’s start with upholstery.

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