Getting Ready for Spring with Striped Garden Chairs

Can’t wait for it to be spring? One of the best ways to prepare for warmer weather is to look at what you might want to do with outdoor furniture. It’s a wide world for designs. Outdoor furniture is getting more and more exciting.

A garden accent chair is a fun project for the outdoors, like in the photo above. You can find an old iron chair at antique shops or garage sales. Then you can add a bright coat of outdoor paint to the metal. Matching outdoor upholstery completes the look. The bright stripes are a fun look for the garden and any bright and cheery fabric is a good option.

You can see several similar fabrics below. They’re all rated for the outdoors and they have similar fun striped pattern. You can also see all outdoor fabrics here.

Orchard Orange Stripe Outdoor Upholstery

Burgundy and Green Stripe Theme Upholstery

Coral Beach Stripe Upholstery

Keylime Stripe Upholstery

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