An Outdoor Living Space with a Southwestern Feel

Do you have a soft spot for Southwestern fabric? If you don’t, the photo above shows why you should. Southwest patterns look stunning in outdoor living spaces.

The rustic table and wicker footrest go well with the Southwestern selections. Potted plants add to the naturalistic look. The photo above also shows how well Southwest patterns can go with a basic white fabric. With these white pieces, it makes the Southwestern prints the focal point.

Would you like to get a Southwest-styled outdoor living space like above? Below are some of our outdoor fabric selections that feature Southwestern styles. You can also view all outdoor fabrics here.

Santa Fe Aqua and Coral Print

Mesa Aqua and Coral Print

Rose Quartz, Beige and Grey Print

Are You Looking for Outdoor Southwestern Fabric?

Did this article inspire you to create a Southwest outdoor space? The Southwest style is perfect for an outdoor space, because of the earthy colors and artistry. But first, you’ll need to find the right fabric.

If you’re looking for outdoor southwestern upholstery, Kovi Fabrics has these items and more. Our outdoor fabrics are available in various colors and patterns, so you can achieve the look you want. Click here to view our outdoor fabric selections.

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