Southwestern Style with a Modern Touch

The living room above is a redesigned den featured at A Beautiful Mess. This striking space makes the most of combining two disparate décor styles into one creative and unique look. In this case, the Southwestern style and a sleek, modern aesthetic.

This space goes right to the heart of the desert southwestern style and incorporates tons of live cacti into the mix. White walls with black exposed beams make things stark and geometric, with a bit of a rustic vibe. The blue sofa grounds everything out with a soothing, cool feel.

What really rounds out the space are accents of bright gold to create visual interest. The gold accented fabrics, the gold frame on the mirror, and the gold hanging from the ceiling all look stunning.

If you’d like to get this look, in addition to tons of cacti, you’ll want to aim for soothing blue fabrics and gold fabrics. You also may want to look for white faux animal skin, like in the rug from the photo. You can see some examples of similar fabric selections below.

Geometric Texture Upholstery

Neutral Solid Chenille Upholstery

Gold Scroll Embroidery Upholstery

Metallic Shine Recycled Leather Upholstery Fabric

Get the Southwestern Style With the Right Fabric

This home mixes the southwestern style with a modern look, so it looks really chic. If you want to take this look into your home, you’ll first need the right fabric. Kovi Fabrics offers different southwestern-style upholstery in different colors and patterns. Shop our southwestern fabric today!

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