A Soothing Gray Monochrome Living Room

Who says gray fabrics have to be boring? The photo above from Bloglovin’ shows that gray can be soothing, classy, and varied. The hallmark of this look is capturing several shades of gray for visual depth.

If you want this look, you’ll start with a lighter gray on the sofa and move into a darker gray with the throw pillows. Then other pieces can be gray that is nearly black. You can see an example of this progression in the fabric selections below. You can also see all the gray fabrics here.

Another hallmark of this look is to go for black, white, and gray pieces as your décor selections, as you can see on the shelf in the photo. Black and white art works wonderfully. Pure white furniture mixes in well, also. What really creates some interest is the neutral rug with shades of white and brown mixed in.

Dove Gray Solid Velvet Upholstery

Gray Silver Plain Tweed

Carbon Gray Solid Woven Upholstery

Are You Looking for Gray Fabrics?

From the couch to the pillows, you can add gray fabric to nearly any item in your living room. But first, you need the best fabric. Kovi Fabrics offers all shades of gray upholstery and in different patterns. Shop our gray fabric today!

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