6+ Gray Upholstery Fabric Shades to Consider

While you may believe there are 50 shades of gray, there are so many more shades out there to consider and cherish. Gray upholstery fabric is available in probably the most amount of shades and tones of all upholstery fabric colors. 

From silver-gray to titanium gray, medium gray-blue, and winter-gray, there are so many shades of gray to consider. But which shade is best? How do you know what gray upholstery fabric will work best for your home?

Gray Upholstery Fabric Considerations

No two grays are the same, and the shade you choose will make a big difference to your home. If you choose gray upholstery that’s too dark, it could suck the life (and color) right out of your home. Too pale a shade of gray and you could have a room that’s lacking in sparkle and ambiance. 

Whichever shade of gray upholstery fabric you use, be sure that it is a color you can live with. Gray is a timeless color, and it’s worth investing in the best quality you can afford when the shade and design are right for your home. 

Gray Plus Complementary Colors 

Since gray is a neutral color, you can add just about anything with it to offset the “grayness” and create a visual masterpiece. Be sure you choose complementary colors that really work for your home. 

If you’re not sure, opt for a gray upholstery fabric that has other colors in with a tasteful pattern. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of it as the designers have already considered the best color combinations for that particular shade of gray. 

Downplay the Sophistication or Push the Limits

The gray you choose (and the other fabrics in the room) will influence the way your whole room appears. 

When you opt for a monochromatic color palette, you would do well to choose a plain gray and gray with understated patterns. This choice places the focus right on the rest of the room, making the gray shades a pleasant backdrop to play against, or a cutting edge frame to “hang” your decor scheme on.  

Why These Gray Shades (and Prints) Really Work

Choose some of these shades of gray upholstery fabric and achieve the special look you are aiming for. 

1. Plain Gray 

For an incredibly classic look, consider opting for slate (K1121 Slate). This medium to dark-toned gray is ideal for living spaces as it will repel dirt, stains, and pet hair. Made from long-lasting polyester, this look could last for years. 

Or go for a great embossed finish with your gray upholstery fabric choices. We love the flexibility and overall unifying effect of a great woven fabric with gray as a base color (E7411 Flint). 

Match an absolute classic plain shade of gray (E3635 Pearl Grey) with a trendy plain mint or fern green, or balance it with a subtly patterned teal fabric like this great foliage pattern (K7715 LAGOON/LEAF) for a stunning and peaceful room. 

2. Small Patterns

For a tasteful blend of sophistication and understated charm, consider this pepper pattern (K6363 PEPPER). The alternating blocked design is soothing and doesn’t require a lot of focus to view in a room. Simply add matching plain silver cushions, or off-set the colors with platinum or darker shades of gray. 

3. Medium Size Patterns

When it comes to patterns, it is often a case of “go big” or “go home.” I’ve always found that term so derogatory. I like to think of it as being innovative instead of simply following what others tell you. For a great medium size pattern, you can consider a contemporary pattern (K9309 Niagara Sky).

This pattern is a great size for both home and commercial projects, and it is ideal for achieving a peaceful organic modern look. Match plain colors to the tan, blue, and beige shades that are already present in the pattern. 

4. Large Size Patterns

Different types of patterns in gray will have unique appearances in your home. Consider geometric patterns on a larger scale such as this smokey gridlock pattern (E2732 Smoke). It is ideal for upholstery projects like sofas and ottomans, and you can even go so far as having it installed as a wall panel or cladding for a feature wall. 

5. Great Combinations in Gray

Gray upholstery fabric doesn’t have to be dull or colorless. Try out a fabulous combination like this modern velvet geometric with pink and black tones (M7506 Bella Pink) and build your own color scheme. Match your gray with pink cushions, or smaller geometric patterned fabrics in similar shades of black and pink for drapes and accessories. 

You can also make a dramatic statement with a feature furniture piece upholstered in a great patterned all-gray fabric like this jacquard upholstery in three shades of gray (E3172 Charcoal). Or try out an uber-modern look with a great understated two-toned gray upholstery fabric in organic patterns (E7743 Grey). 

A classic gray stripe is always a winner when it comes to gray upholstery fabric. Combine it with contrasting patterns that are of a similar or smaller size. Color match your accessories and achieve that wow look.

A medium-wide stripe pattern balances the visual weight of your furniture items, anchoring the decor scheme. Consider a great medium to dark gray stripe (E1315 Smoke). 

6. Gray Statement Fabrics 

Why not try a signature look or create a focal statement with an animal skin patterned gray upholstery fabric? 

We love the durability and amazing quality of the reptile skin look velvet upholstery fabric (K3390) with an incredible 120,000 rub rating. With three glorious shades of gray to choose from, you can let your animal self play on your furniture with the assurance this gray upholstery fabric will remain properly tensioned and resist stains and piling. 

The Final Gray Upholstery Fabric

When faced with a wall of gray upholstery fabric, you may find it difficult to choose the best option for your home. Fortunately, gray is a very forgiving color, and medium shades can easily be lightened with more natural light in the room or darkened by matching a brighter fabric to it. 

Gray is a color that is naturally stain-resistant, blends with other colors, and creates a great palette on which to play with other colors. Use different shades of gray for a more subtle look, or go big and bold with a patterned gray fabric to pick up accent colors from. For the widest selection of over 1,700 shades and patterns of gray to choose from, Kovi Fabrics are the fabric people to talk to.

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