Using Colors to Create Mood in a Room: Gray

If you’re looking to create a new mood in a room through color, gray can be an often-overlooked tool at your disposal. Psychologically, it’s a very neutral color. It even gets a pretty bad rap since we tend to say that when we’re feeling emotionally dead, the world seems to turn gray. An all-gray room in the home could lead one to feel stunted and closed-off, like being in a particularly soulless office.

So with all this in mind, the color gray works wonders as a support color to brighter hues. It adds a clean, neutral contrast to bold tones, as the photo above shows.

It also complements cool colors like pastel blues, soft violets, and baby pinks, like the colors were made for each other. Further, it fits well in overall neutral-toned rooms, being the ultimate neutral shade that it is. If you’re looking to add a smooth, sleek accent to a room, gray is your way to go.

Below are several patterns from the new sale fabrics featuring gray, or you can find all gray/silver selections here.

Leaf Collage Contemporary Damask  


Animal Hide Texture Vinyl


Light Animal Hide Texture Vinyl


Abstract Flame Stitch Chenille


Do You Need Fabric for a Gray Room?

Gray can work alone in a room or with other colors. Did this article inspire you to use more gray in your interior design? If so, shop our gray upholstery fabric!

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