A Colorful and Exotic Living Room

If you like bold colors and exotic homes, you’ll love the living room featured above. The room is from Instagram user labohemehouseofthewishingtrees. She mentions the strong feminine energy she likes to surround herself with, as represented by the paintings on the wall.

Exotic homes are really stunning, especially this look. From world art to Southwestern prints, this space definitely has an eclectic feel to it. If you’d like something similar, you’ll want to aim for any exotic art from around the world. Also, look for vintage, exotic-looking geometric and floral fabrics. Southwestern patterns will also be a focus.

But the key here is, of course, color. Anything bold, like red or yellow, goes. Below are several fabric selections that match the styles from the photo, from Southwestern patterns to geometric florals. You can also see all geometric designs here and Southwestern designs here.

Berry Blue and Red Linen 

Lilac and Pink Linen 

Vintage Red Floral Print 

Sun Yellow Geometric Cotton 

Black and Burgundy Southwestern Chenille 

Use Exotic Homes as Design Inspiration

Do you want to get this exotic look in your home decor? If so, you’ll need the right fabric. Fortunately, Kovi Fabrics sells new and trending upholstery that matches this exotic aesthetic.

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