A Living Room with Stunning Pastels

Looking for a way to add levity to a room? Then you can’t go wrong with pastel fabrics. The photo above, from the blog No Home Without You, was designed this way after the blogger put away her Christmas decorations and couldn’t wait to design for spring. But this look honestly works year around.

If you’d like to get a similar look, you’ll be going for a stark white as your base wall color. This will create a light, airy feel. Then shocks of bright colors and pastels round out this look. You’ll want to look for bright art with a lot of white surrounding it, like the fox painting. Or some art with overpowering bright colors, like the painting under the fox.

From there, you’ll want to look for pastel fabrics, preferably in pink. Solids and geometric designs will do. The style also makes use of navy blue to add some contrast. You also may want a shock of light color, like yellow. You can see some of our similar fabric selections below.

Petal Pink Solid Suede

Pink Diamond Upholstery

Blue Contemporary Woven Upholstery

Yellow Solid Cotton Upholstery

Are You Looking for Pastel Fabrics?

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