Ode To The Couch Potato: Furniture Fabrics That Make It Hard To Get Up

Something a little different today. Something comforting. And perhaps a bit poetically indulgent. (Like if Anthony Bourdain tagged along to narrate your trip to the upholstery fabric store.) But where to start?

Imagine the end of another day. Perhaps that means the kids are tucked in at last, perhaps it means coming in the door worn silly, tossing your coat and all you carry on that piece meant to be a chair but so often serving as a shelf for such things instead. Then finally — finally — grabbing that delicious something you’ve been yearning for all day and sinking with a heavy sigh into the arms of your sofa. At last.

All the time spent pouring through fabric samples and sorting through a bewildering array of textures and types with names you didn’t know existed paid off. Because these moments snuggled in with your favorite show, book, or special someone have never felt so sumptuous.

The only downside?The unintended consequence of this upholstery fabric-induced bliss? The struggle to get up again at some point. And in blissful moments like this, the struggle is real. 

Ugh. And hooray.

If that all sounds like a dream you’d like to be living, today we’re making dreams come true. Exploring some of the best weaves, weights, and textures fit for the glorious pursuit of creating (and regularly occupying) that you-shaped spot on your perfect couch potato sofa.

First, For Love Of Velvet.

Ah, velvet. If there’s a fabric that more instantly issues the Siren’s call, I’ve never met it. Seductively soft and alluring, it’s the kind of thing that — whether on a sofa or someone’s person —  simply demands to be touched. And, in our case, lounged in. 

Long synonymous with luxury and, once upon a time, limited almost exclusively to royalty, it’s found a new sense of durability and strength thanks to today’s fabric advancements. Thus, making it easy to clean and maintain whether your time in its embrace is simply a few stolen moments or an Oscar-worthy binge-fest on a rainy day. 

A few favorites for inspiration: dark emerald green velvet, eclipse blue velvet, or blackberry plush velvet. 

Second, The Simple Delight Of Denim.

Denim’s utility and romance need not be relegated to your dresser or closet. No, indeed, no. Denim makes for an equally inviting and homey sofa landing place for your weary bones as it does when you find the perfect fit for your backside. Its tight weave but soft feel make it nearly impervious to the pokes and prods of life but still deeply pleasing to the senses. And it adds a sense of grounding, romantic Americana-mystique that’s hard to put your finger on but feels like home. 

A few favorites for inspiration: classic blue denim, driftwood brown denim, or pearl white denim.

Third, The Alluring Softness Of Chenille.

Some fabrics weave a sink-in spell that sneaks up on you. Like a bite of something that at first seems uninteresting, but opens up to reveal delectable flavors once you dig in. Chenille is like that. Traditionally, its texture looks more like some kind of fabric version of porridge or oatmeal. But in fact, it’s an intricate weave dancing and doubling back on itself until it transforms into a downy hug of a fabric. 

Perhaps you noted the use of the word “traditionally” earlier. Chenille has long since expanded its offering of flavors, so to speak, now coming in a variety of styles and textures. But each brings the soothing, surprising elegance that is chenille. And for the needs of any couch potato connoisseur, chenille is, simply put, the real deal. 

A few favorites for inspiration: basil green chenille, champagne beige chenille, or rusty orange striped chenille.  

Fourth, The Timeless Luxury Of Leather.

Admittedly, our next stop is not everyone’s cup of tea. We’re talking, of course, about leather. It can be not so appealing to all audiences, but it’s hard to argue with the exemplary track record leather has for offering the epitome of comfort, style, and luxury. All qualities, you’ll agree, that check boxes for couch potatoes everywhere. 

Increasingly more eco-friendly and ethically conscious, leather offers something no other fabric on our list can: patina. The more lovingly (and lengthily) you embrace your inner couch potato, the more your leather pieces become uniquely your own. It’s simply the nature of the material itself. What’s more, with a little love and care, it stays both lush and durable for years to come. 

A few favorites for inspiration: chestnut brown European leather, merlot red German leather, or pewter grey recycled leather.

Fifth, The Loveliness Of Lounging In Linen.

Let’s close things out on a lighter note — literally. Because there a times when light and airy is infinitely preferable to weighty and warm when the chance to unwind arrives at last. For that, we look to the loveliness of linen

Especially useful in hotter or more tropical climates. Linen offers a different level of sophistication and even exquistiness, without sacrificing an ounce of nap-ability or snuggle factor. And, thanks to performance advancements like Crypton, you can rest assured (and deeply) that your favorite settle-in spot will be up to being lived-in and lounged-in to your heart’s content. 

A few favorites for inspiration: sugar white linen, iceberg blue linen, or a calming Tuscan sun botanical patterned linen — all Crypton performance fabrics, by the way.

Choose Your Fabric And Heed The Call To Embrace A Soft Place To Land

I could go on but after all this couch potato talk my sofa is calling and I must heed the call. Often in this space, we bring you tips and tools, strategies and how-tos, for navigating the ever-changing world of interior design so you can get the most out of your home’s style and function. Sometimes, though, it’s worth pausing for some real talk about what so many of us actually need most from our furniture and the fabrics it comes dressed in.

We need a soft place to land. 

A corner to burrow into. And a place to simply surrender to rest and the nourishing embrace of some time spent not so focussed on all the ceaseless doing. Instead, simply, gloriously, and oh so unapologetically lazily reveling in the deliciousness of just being. 

Our hope today is that we’ve offered inspiration with some fabrics whose texture and durability will serve you well in those precious moments. And — when we’re not sunk into our own sofas — we here at the largest upholstery fabric store online will be at the ready to help you make your sofa more couch potato friendly than ever. Here’s to leaning into the love of lounging.

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