Your Furniture’s New Superpower: Crypton Fabrics

So, what’s the plan? Are you reupholstering your furniture or buying new pieces just so you can set them up all alone in a room never to be used like some kind of action figure collectible or museum piece?

Of course not. You want to be able to live in your home. 

You want to be able to work from home, kicked back in your favorite chair with your second cup of coffee without worrying about spills. Or snuggle close for an evening of binge-watching without worrying about some slippery bowl of heavenly ice cream staining your sofa. 

You want your friends to settle in and get their chill on during the many epic parties you’ll host once things are back to normal. Or for your dog to dream away the afternoon in her favorite spot without that spot smelling forever not so dreamy after.

You want the furniture you put in the boutique hotel you’ve decided it’s finally time to bring to life to look amazing on day one AND day 1001.

We get it. We’re the same way with our furniture. 

You want your furniture — reupholstered and refreshed — to look amazing and still be durable enough to use as an actual human does.

AND you NEED your furniture to be up to the task

Great news! You’re alive in 2021. 

This ain’t your grandma’s age of fabrics and upholstery — a sofa wrapped in plastic or a bedsheet for safekeeping. No more choosing between comfort, style, and elegance OR being able to actually use the darn thing. Nope. There are so many great options.

Take Crypton fabric, for instance. No, not Superman’s Planet Krypton. Though, it is kind of like a superhero. Allow us to introduce you.


Here’s the drill in the past — or in the present with some other fabrics: Buy new furniture or reupholster your favorite piece and then, before you start using it, drag it outside to spray it down with Scotchguard or some other fabric protection product. 

Fast forward 12 months. Repeat the process. I mean, it works. But what a hassle.

The issue, of course, is that most stain protectors live on the surface of a fabric. This means the fabric can’t breathe well, and you’ll eventually wipe them off or otherwise find their protection is limited. That’s fine, though, because you’ve budgeted to only have a certain number of accidents and spills, right? 

Not so much. That’s no fun for anyone.

What about Crypton fabrics? Well, here’s the essence of their awesome: Crypton fabrics are immersed in the Crypton treatments before they’re even constructed into fabric. So Crypton treatments become part of the fabric itself from the very beginning. 

This allows for comfort but also unparalleled durability. Like, impermeable durability. So much so that the EPA classifies Crypton fabrics as a solid surface. But, again, because the components of the fabrics themselves are built this way, whatever weave you choose can still be soft and breathable rather than being closed by some coating done after the fact. Cool, huh?


All that means you can go ahead and spill the beans… or coffee or wine. Alright, maybe don’t set out to spill things. But when you do — unlike some other fabrics — that’s when Crypton shines.

See, with Crypton integrated into the elements of the fabric itself, most of the time, messes can just be wiped away. Even when they require a bit more cleaning, there’s no fear of staining the fabric because the mess can’t get into the fabric itself. It’s locked out.

It’s almost like if you zoomed way in on your Crypton fabric, you’d find it was made of stainless steel woven together. As a result, if you had a really intense or big spill it might take a minute to get the invading substance off the surface, but it simply cannot stain the fabric. 

Hmm. The softness of fabric but kind of like steel? Man of steel? Maybe Crypton IS a superhero after all!

Either way, go ahead and spill the beans. Literally. You can count on Crypton to make sure they don’t stick around as a stain-full memory.

But don’t take our word for it. Industry speaking, for this kind of awesomeness is the Wyzenbeek Rubs Test rating. Here’s the short version of what that means: 

A Wyzenbeek rating of 30,000+ earns a fabric the distinction of being considered heavy-duty — in both residential and commercial realms. Crypton fabric is an overachiever here. For instance, our K9116 Royal Chenille Crypton fabric comes in at a whopping 100,000 Wyzenbeek rating. Yeah, “wow” is the word we use, too. 


Fair enough. You might ask, what kind of toxic voodoo is this Crypton? As it turns out, not toxic at all. And, again, because all treatments are infused into the materials from which the fabric is made, even the fully non-toxic treatments are safely locked away. 

So feel free to get your nap on. Let your kids have their way with your sofa. Heck – go ahead and let your pooch chew a bit — well, maybe try and avoid that. But, if it does happen, your furry friend will be totally fine. And it’s even built to actively fight the bad stuff from lingering — like bacteria or mold — with microbial resistance built right in (say that three times fast!).

And from a sustainability standpoint, well, it’s on point. For starters, Sustainability 101 is the basic math that the less you use, the less you waste — hence the old slogan reduce, reuse, recycle. Choosing a fabric with Crypton’s performance and durability means choosing NOT to replace your upholstery nearly as frequently — reduce accomplished.

What’s more, Crypton is committed to keeping this planet safe and healthy, too — again, like that other Krypton superhero. Jeepers! With a host of green certifications and unique EPA approval for disinfecting, you can feel great about what bringing it into your home or business says about what you’re doing for OUR home planet.

Well done, you!


As per usual, KOVI’s got you covered. Again, thanks to the ground-up way that Crypton fabrics are constructed, there’s SO much flexibility in the options for color, style, and texture. 

Whether you’re after a simple, clean, white microfiber to finish your look, or a bold, orange-red jacquard print to create an accent piece to build around, we’ve got you covered with more than 1,000 Crypton options to choose from. Whatever your project, whatever your purpose, we’ve got a Crypton fabric for you.

Let’s give the last word here to the folks behind the Crypton technology. They say, “Crypton is not a fabric company. We are a freedom company.”

Preach, Crypton, preach. We are so with you.

Reach out today, and let’s free your furniture to be lived in again.

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