Touch Down! Man Caves And She Sheds That Are Game-Changers

Grown-ups need recess too. Everyone needs time to unwind, to just let yourself play, relax, or create. Not because you don’t like the people in your home, but because you do. As the meme goes, “My self-care is for everyone’s protection.” Agreed.

All that to say, let’s talk about Man Caves and She Sheds. With all the time many of us have had at home in recent years, we’ve often talked here about upgrading your furniture, decor style, converting a spare room into your office, and more. Today we’re leaning a little bit less into purely functional and, instead, leaning a whole lot more into pure joy and fun.

Man Caves and She Sheds can take the form of whatever you can imagine. But what they all have in common is providing a place that helps you get away — without leaving home. A place where you can let loose a bit when you’re feeling the need to feel a little more like yourself. Let’s play. 

How You Make A Man Cave or She Shed Shine

Think back to when you were a kid. Remember the feeling of wanting to get away from the prying eyes of grown-ups and just do your own thing? Some kids build a treehouse. Sometimes it’s a fort in the bedroom or basement made out of cushions and blankets or whatever else you can find. Sometimes it’s a closet or secret hiding space decked out in images of popstar idols and matinee dreams. 

Man Caves and She Sheds are that — but for adults. 

They’re a place where grownups can enjoy the perks of being a grown-up but set aside the seriousness and just enjoy some fun. Over the years, the “his and her” versions of these special oases have come to be known as Man Caves and She Sheds. These dream digs can be a spare room, basement, attic, shed, or office. Whatever space you have available is perfect.

Just like kids seem to find a way to make something out of whatever they have — be that a big ole oak tree and some discarded lumber or an empty cardboard box — there’s a way to make a getaway for virtually any budget. 

For a few minutes, set aside the logic, practicality, and responsibilities of grown-up Y-O-U. Allow yourself to unapologetically and with wild abandon imagine a dream-come-true space for you. There are no wrong answers. What makes a Man Cave magic or a She Shed shine is the feeling you get from it — and the memories you’ll make.

Ideas For Taking Your Space From Mundane To Pure Man Cave Magic

First, what’s your jam? What do you love and love to lose yourself in? Regardless of the amount or kind of space you’re working with it all comes back to you. Let’s look at some theme ideas…

Popcorn And Movies 

Make your cave a home theater heaven. Huge screen (of course). Cushy armchairs decked out in luxurious leather — or faux leather. Dress it up in your favorite movie posters and make it even cozier with floor-to-ceiling velvet curtains that blackout any window or reveal the screen when it’s showtime. Pop the popcorn and invite over your crew (good luck getting them to leave). The theater is all yours.

Fit And Fired-Up

Make your cave a place to blow off steam — build out your own gym. Industrial and old school or high tech and trendy. Maybe outfit it with a spa shower. Or make it motivational with a mural wall with quotes or scenes that fire you up. Add a smoothie bar complete with barstools or benches. And don’t sweat the upholstery. Try a vinyl in bold and brassy black for style and easy clean-up time after time. 

Sports And Games

There’s no more classic a theme than a sports-themed Man Cave. Make it a tribute room showcasing all your super fan memorabilia. Or a place to watch the big game while playing games like pool, ping pong, or pinball. Take it full-on sports bar with a bar and a bank of screens — your fantasy league will make your cave home court. So many options. And when it’s game-time, make your furniture sink-in soft but strong and durable with a heavy-duty, performance grade microsuede in Espresso.

Get Inspired By Some She Sheds That Shimmer And Shine

Just like Man Caves, She Shed dreams-come-true start with you. Picture yourself not just in the space but how you want to feel after you’ve had some getaway time there. Build backward from that feeling. For instance…

Peace And Quiet

Make your space straight up zen. Simple. Peaceful. Room for yoga and meditation. Or super loungey and bright. Perhaps with a couple of armchairs or a sofa for quiet time to read and relax or have an intimate sitdown with your BFF. Lift the energy of the space by decking them out in a clean, crisp, eco-friendly chenille cotton fabric bringing a light and airy vibe plus the durability of Crypton.

Creative And Artsy

Make your very own art studio. A space to create. Easels, paints, and canvases galore — or maybe a pottery wheel. How about a writing desk with a view? Add a perch to simply be with your creativity and let your ideas flow. Perhaps a sofa and chairs or a tufted chaise lounge, consider a commercial-grade fabric so you can set your creativity free without worrying about wrecking your shed. Whether industrial or boldly bohemian or a thousand points between, make it YOUR space.

Rock And Roll

Make your She Shed a place to shred. Is music your jam — literally and figuratively? Bring on a musically themed She Shed. Whether you’re all about headphones, high fidelity, and escaping with deep dives into deep cuts, or whether you and your peeps like to live out your garage band dreams with weekend jam sessions, the stage is yours. Give it even more of that backstage vibe by decking it out in rockin’ rouge drapes and turning it all the way up to 11.

The Man Cave And She Shed Life Is A Better Life

Have you ever seen those holiday films with scenes up at the North Pole? There’s always wildly creative attention to detail, like candy cane rungs on a staircase railing or — for that matter — a slide instead of a staircase. The point is, as we wrap up our quick stroll through She Shed and Man Cave ideas, we hope you noticed how details (the more outlandish, the better) can make all the difference. 

So as you begin to dream up your own hideaway, remember to put adult you in timeout and let playful you think WAY outside the box. And you know we’re 100% here for you and excited to help with whatever fabrics you need for the simplest and wildest ideas you come up with.

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